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Adoptable Archie

Meet Adoptable Archie!

Archie is a 2-3, male, 12lb, Orange Tabby, domestic short hair. Archie is a really cool cat that is patiently awaiting his forever home.

Here are some words from his foster family:

I would love a quiet household with no children. I am tolerable of other cats and dogs if they ignore me, but a house on my own would be best. I have had a difficult life and want so much to trust humans, but need a lot of patience and time to do so. I am not a cuddly, couch or bed cat, but after 3 months of being with my foster mom I will sleep on the carpet at times beside her bed when she sleeps. I will attempt to show affection by rubbing up against the humans I trust, but I will only allow a few pets before I swipe, scratch or bite them. I want to trust but need someone who has the time, patience and understanding. I love to be in the presence of people but need my own space. I especially love sleeping in the bathroom sink and drinking out of the tap if I am lucky enough to have it turned on for me. I do try to get outside and can become upset at you if you try to keep me back from open doors. I am very sweet but require a person who understands the difficult life I previously had. I have come a long way in the past 3 months but require time to love and trust the right person and the understanding that my aggression is not my fault it is defensive behaviour from my previous experiences in life.

If you are intersted in learning more about me with a meet and greet, please apply at:

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