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Adoptable Karl


Meet Adoptable Karl!

Karli is a 6-7 year old, male, white and orange tabby, Domestic Short Hair. Karl is a really cool cat that has a great personality, and is affectionate with his people. The best home for him would be someone that is home a lot to spend time with him, as he’s very social. He loves to greet visitors to the house and will jump up beside them for attention and affection, rub against them and try to get in position for a some petting, and Karl especially likes his lower back rubbed. He loves to play with his snake toy and jumps around ti play with you as you pull the toy around. Karl has changed so much since he first came to us months ago. He now sleeps on my bed and when my alarm goes off in the morning he climbs onto me to say “good morning” and give and get affection. If I sit down in the living room and pat my chest, he will come over and lay on me. He is beginning to lay down in my lap and hangout. You can pick Karl up sometimes, but it must be on his terms. It’s a work in progress. This handsome boy has such a unique and loving personality mixed with sassiness and goofiness. We are hoping for a unique and loving home for a unique and loving cat.

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