Adoptable Kittens!

Adoptable Kittens!

Here we have 5 beautiful, 11 week old kittens, that are currently located in Nanaimo and will be ready for adoption by this weekend. We do kindly ask that our adopted cats be strictly indoor cats, and fenced in cat patio access is totally acceptable.

If you are seriously interested in adopting a kitten please go to to apply.

Official Introduction to the kittens. 🐾 🐈‍⬛

Rocket: 🚀
He is super-super agile & fast on his paws! He acts like the eldest of the 5 babies, helping keep them in line, while protecting them & his foster family from any and all moving things {especially the broom, lol!}. He is such a sweet, and tolerant boy.

Minnie: 🌸
She is small in comparison to her littermates, which isn’t noticeable due to her floofy turkey-ness. She is extremely soft, and a great snuggle buddy. She acts like a total Princess, until she is challenged by one of her brothers. The she is a 10/10 feisty warrior you better watch out for. She loves the cat tent, and feathers.

Cheeto: 🧀
He is such a unique boy with his cheetah spots, raccoon tail, and white accents. He has such a spunky personality too. You can find him on the prowl for his favourite toy {catnip filled toy mouse}, or practicing his parkour wall climbing skills.

Blue: 🥷
He is such a little ninja, so watch out for him. He’s almost always trying to jump scare his siblings, or in his favourite hiding spot relaxing. His favourite toy is the “night moths”. LOL! He enjoys being held up high to swat at them, especially the big ones.

Noodle: 🍜
He is a silly boy in deed! He enjoys anything that resembles a string; loose shoe laces, long hair, cellphone cords, NOODLES! He is the happiest boy of the bunch, constantly purring up a motor storm no mater what he’s doing.

Thank you for all your love and support for animals in need!

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  1. Samantha

    Has Cheeto been adopted yet?

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, not yet. We are just waiting for their vet appointment next week and then adoption. We will reach out to all applicants over the next few days as well.

      Thank you

  2. Isabel Branson

    Hi there! You may not remember me but I am Isabel, the daughter of Stuart and Debby Branson. We are the owners of Wally and Lucy. I am very interested in meeting the kittens! I hope I can meet them soon.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Isabel Branson

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, thank you for your message. I believe we spoke on the phone. Thank you for applying with your family. We will talk to you soon.

  3. Pearl Duerksen

    I dont see a place to adopt the kittens on your main page. Please email me the adoption form for the kittens as we would love to adopt one. Thanks. Pearl

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, the adoption form you fill out is for both cats and dogs. Please click “adopt now”

      You can see the adoptable cats under “adoptable cats” in the main header.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

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