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Adoptable Max SL

Meet Adoptable Max Short Legs!
This handsome guy is a male, 65-70lb, 3-5 year old, Black and Tan, German Shepard, mixed breed. Max has interesting shorter legs and a elongated body, hence his name. He is almost like an oversized Corgi with a German Shepard head. He is actually a really cool dog that has loads of personality, can be sweet and affectionate, and loves to run around and play with a soccer ball, or any ball. Max loves going for walks and explore. This is a whole new world for him here, so lots of new smells and experiences that he will be getting used too. He has the sweetest eyes and face that will make you smile. Max does come with his quirks though, quirks such as feeling weary about having his neck or collar touched at first, but he relaxes on that as he gets to know you. He can also be weary of people around his food when he’s eating, so feeding him and letting him have space while eating is best to start for Max. He doesn’t seek you out or anything that, just more than the average resource guarding with a dog that needs to get more used to everyday meals with a routine. At this time we wouldn’t start him another dog, but we think he can make dogs friends moving forward. Kids under 14 would not be be suited. Max would do best with a large breed / Shepard experienced person that is able to help him settle in and adjust with our support. We hope to find a quieter neighborhood or a country home would suit him well.
This handsome man is officially up for adoption and you can apply at

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