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Adoptable Charlie

Meet Adoptable Charlie!

Charlie is a 75-80lb, male, tan with black trim, 9-10 month old, large breed, Northern Canada mix. Here are some words from his previous owner.

Charlie loves getting outside and doing all sorts of adventures, exploring and hiking, and he can easily do 5-7km on scrabbly trails. When he meets other people he wants everyone to pet him and say “hello”. He is friendly with other dogs and quite submissive and curious, and loves to play with them. Charlie medium to high energy and needs quite a bit of exercise and stimulation each day, seems happiest outdoors and loves being on trails and in fields, and has been enjoying dog pack hikes with Evelyn at Refined K9. He can be a bit mouthy at times on the leash when he’s excited on a walk, but we are redirecting him and he does respond pretty good. It’s a work in progress. Charlie is a big goofball with a huge heart, and is very loyal. He has been with our kids and he has been good while I worked from home, and would just sleep near me. Charlie can be overstimulated by other kids running around and playing loudly that he doesn’t know on the street, on a skateboard or bike, or scooter. So, as much as he has been good with our older kids, who are very dog educated, it may be best he’s in a home without young kids that are under 12. This big love bug has all the basics and love one would need, but could use some fine tuning in some areas still as he’s still very young.  Charlie is smart and aims to please so he has lots of room to learn, and would love a out of city acreage or property to enjoy.

If you’re interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Charlie please DM us and apply at

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