Adoptable Charlie

Meet Adoptable Charlie!

This beautiful, big boy is still patiently awaiting his forever home for over a year now. Charlie is one of the most loving and sweet dogs that you could ever have as your best friend. He’s very loyal and kind hearted. He loves to go on hikes, beach, adventures, exploring the forest, and then cuddling up on the couch with you to give you kisses and snuggles. Charlie came to us as a puppy and was adopted out, and was later returned by the family. He has been in multiple foster homes since that day with us. He has lived with kids since he was a puppy, up until seven months ago. Charlie loved those kids very much and they loved him, and they never had any real issues together. He is reactive to kids and other people on the leash when he is with his people though, so we are asking for a home with no children please. Charlie is good with people when he meets them the right way, and then he’s just a sweet, gentle boy, and he is good with other respectful dogs of all sizes, and he has lived with other dogs in the home before without any incident. Charlie has never lived with cats before, so we are not currently sure how that would go, but of course, a lot would depend on the cats and the time and patience for integration, if his prey drive was not too high. Charlie would do great on a property outside of the city and that has room in space for him, as well as he’d be a great dog to deter unwanted wildlife from coming onto your property, and keeping the homestead safe. Charlie would also make a great adventure buddy for somebody active and loves to be outdoors, and have a loving and loyal best friend. Charlie is a two year old, 75-80lb, large breed mix. currently located in a foster home in Sooke, British Columbia.

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  1. Bill

    Charlie is adorable! How do i apply to adopt??

    1. Jesse Adams

      hey, thanks for your message. Please apply at and press “adopt now”

      Thank you

  2. Jennifer Ridout

    Charlie seems like a wonderful guy. I’m guessing that he is around 1.5 years old now? ( it looks like his post was from sept). I live in Cumberland on the island, near many km’s of trails, lakes and rivers. I am looking for a hiking , camping and adventure buddy. I also need a dog that is dog social as I hike with friends who also have doggos. I am curious from this post if it is kids that he is stimulated by, or movement generally. There aren’t any young kids in my household, but there are a lot of Mountain bikers that I encounter on my walks here and I ask my dog ( who lives now mostly with my ex) to sit beside me on the side of the trail while they pass. Do you think this would be too much to ask of Charlie? Or would he be up for being trained to do that? I’ve had border collies in the past who were very stimulated by fast movements, so I know that bikes are not great around all dogs.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, Jen

    1. Jesse Adams

      Thanks for your message Jen! I believe we are speaking over the phone and text now 🙂 thank you!

  3. Jim Scrivens

    I have just found your website and wondered if Charlie was still available for adoption. We are used to large dogs having had Labradors and a bull mastiff.

  4. Linda

    Is Charlie still homeless? Makes me sad for him

    1. Jesse Adams

      hey! He does have a loving foster home. So he is not homeless. We are still looking for a forever home though. Praying for it soon. He’s a good boy!

      1. Liz Lopez

        Any chance you think he’d do okay in the city/ condo life with another pupper?

        1. Jesse Adams

          hey, thanks for your message. Which dog are you referring to?

          Thank you

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