Adoptable Big Boy

Adoptable Big Boy!

Big Boy is a 4-5 month old, male, 15-20 lbs, Tan with blue eyes, small / medium breed mix. He should be around 20-30 pounds full grown. Big Boy is the sweetest, most sensitive boy in the world. He’s looking for his next person to become absolutely obsessed with. This boy is ride or die. His ideal day is waking up snuggled right between his people so he can roll over and look into your soul with his striking blue eyes and peer pressure you into good morning belly rubs. Then a nice walk where he does an amazing job practicing meeting all of his biggest fans who can’t help but approach and tell him how cute he is. Then cuddling on the couch stretched out like a weird little man, resting his hands on his belly. He’s very dramatic and feels all his feels so hard, it’s hard to hold back my laughter every time i hear his big sigh as he accepts belly rub time is over or no, we cannot stand and mean mug that crow for another 10 minutes. He’s so eager to be by your side it helps him to be brave in new situations because he puts his entire trust in your hands and as long as you’re with him, he feels like he can do anything. Big Boy is currently located in New Westminster and any potential adotper will have to travel there to meet him if chosen. Thank you!

Please apply at raincoastdogrescue.com if you are interested in adopting Big Boy!

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  1. Chanti

    Do you have any more photos of Big Boy you could send me?
    Also curious how he has been with cats?

    Thank you,

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, we did post the pics we have of him. About 5-6 of them. There is only one that goes on the website. Please check Facebook or Instagram to see more.

      Thank you.

  2. Jen Scott

    Hi , I applied to adopt Big Boy but haven’t heard back, just wondering if he is still available for adoption. Thanks!

    1. Jesse Adams


      We have received a very large number of applications for Big Boy and are still trying to filter and review them all. This can take a bit more time with such a large amount. It’s been 48 hours and everyone should hear back soon. I am also away at the moment. Thank you!

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