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Meet Adoptable Blair!

Blair is a female, 1 year old, 10lb, tan and white, Chihuahua. She is located in Vancouver. Blair is one of the sweetest little beans that is such a love, but is quite shy of the outside world and new people, but she’s been doing well at slowly opening up more and more each day while gaining small amounts of confidence with her foster Momma. Blair definitely would do best with someone who works from home or is retired, and another nice dog or not would suit her. She really depends on you to be around a lot and to go slow with her as she opens up more and more, while wanting to be snuggling with you whenever she can. She will follow you around the house, but also likes to nest in all the blankets. No busy family households for this girl. Cats should be fine as long as they are kind to dogs. Blair is now patiently awaiting her new forever home.

Words from her foster Mom: As we’ve established, she’s incredibly cuddly. She has a very calm, loving nature and likes to just snuggle and sleep for most of the day. She does enjoy walks but she still is a little too nervous to go to the bathroom on walks.
-she’s doing well with house training, she has progressed to going to the bathroom out on the patio, she seems to like privacy and gets nervous if you’re watching her. She likes to go on bath mats when she does go indoors.
-she’s super, super smart. She’s learning verbal and visual commands really quickly and doing well with house training.
-I sense that she’s a little nervous when men walk by. She will do really well with someone who’s home a lot and has a lot of attention to give her. She always wants to be on your lap.

She’s such a sweet little thing and continues to open up each day!!

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