Adoptable Blue

Adoptable Blue

Meet Adoptable Blue!

Blue is a 3-4 year old, male, 70-80lb, white and brindle, larger breed mix. Blue may be some sort of Rottie X St.Bernard X German Shepard X Husky or Malamute and….The common breeds we see in the eastern region of Canada where he is from. He’s a beautiful mutt.

Blue has been with us for about two months now as he needed all his vetting and to decompress and settle in so we could get to know him and his temperament better. Well, this boy is definitely a big loving goofball that would do well with a large breed experienced owner with some fenced yard space or acreage. No cats or toddlers for this boy please. Blue seems to love the people he meets outside, and even inside for the most part, but has nipped a couple butts in his home with new people coming in, but he’s getting better as it’s being worked on. He is just being a bit cheeky and has a slight protective nature of his territory with strangers. He seems to do well with relaxed dogs that are smaller than him or females, and will totally have a good play, but some large breed male dogs his size or bigger do make him a bit nervous it seems, so we are working on that confidence and comfortability too, but overall he’s such a easy going and relaxed dog. He’s is a giant lap dog that could cuddle for days, loves sunbathing, wants to chase all the squirrels, and likes to smell everything. Oh, he is a gardener at heart and he will steal your cherry tomatoes, so protect your gardens, haha.

Words from his foster family:

Blue came to us 2 months ago as a foster from Northern Saskatchewan. He attached to us pretty quickly and has been a wonderful addition to our home. Blue is kennel trained, house trained, knows basic commands and is eager to please with positive reinforcement, treats and lots of pets. He sits and stays patiently for his meals and is getting better at going to his bed when the humans are eating theirs. Blue is currently working on leash training and recall. He gets lots of walks and plenty of backyard playtime and in his downtime he likes to sleep in his cozy bed. Blue is quite interested in woodland creatures so he is an on leash dog and also needs a good fence to keep him safe in his yard. He is a quiet guy who doesn’t use his voice much and doesn’t have separation anxiety. Blue has a wonderful personality and will make a fantastic companion for the right people….we will most definitely miss his spirit in our home.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Blue

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