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Meet Adoptable Blue!

Blue is a 2-3 year old, female, 85lb, Bluenose, Staffordshire Bull Terrier X American Pitbull Terrier. Blue originally came to us as pregnant, but it turns out she was having a phantom pregnancy. There were no babies, just weight gain, swollen mammaries and lactation. Blue has lived in a great foster home that is pet free, with 3 very loving people that have showered her with love and affection since day one, and she has settled in so well with them over the last few months since she’s been there. She’s just a classic house potato. Blue was just recently spayed and has healed, so we are just starting to socialize her with other dogs now. She can walk by some dogs with no response or engagement, and she does just fine, and then there are other dogs that bark at her and can get a stimulated response out of her. Blue did live with a large male dog in her original home before she came to us and they were best friends, but socializing with other dogs outside is new to her, so it’s a work in progress. She does well left alone in the home and is not destructive or stressed, she just hangs out and naps. Blue is very sweet to all the people she meets, and has been great living around respectful kids before. We have never had Blue around cats and are not sure how she would fair with one or more in the same home.

Blue would do best in a home that loves dog affection and cuddles, has no other pets at this time, has large breed experience and is quite strong, as Blue is a very strong girl. Someone that has the time and patience to work with her and us on getting her well socialized and confident with other dogs, while being patient and understanding as well.

Here are some words from her foster family:

Blue is the sweetest little house hippo you will ever meet. She is well behaved at home, not going in garbage or destroying shoes, although she does love her toys! She listens to commands well and is potty trained. She loves affection and is essentially a big couch potato. Blue is super friendly with new people as well. She does have leash reactivity towards other dogs; we think because she hasn’t gotten an opportunity to socialize and learn to play with other dogs. She also gets excited with basketball, etc. She is really nice with strangers and not concerned with cyclists. Overall she is an awesome pitbull. With focused training on her leash reactivity she could be a great role model for the breed and a fabulous addition to any family. She us currently located in Victoria, BC for adopters from the Islands or mainland.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Blue.

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