Adoptable Emma

Adoptable Emma



Meet Adoptable Emma!

Emma is a 2-3 year old, golden blonde, female, 55-60lb, Golden Retriever X Husky X Labrador. Emma came back with us from northern Saskatchewan in late 2020 with her litter of 10. This sweet Momma is now all healed up, spayed and ready for her forever home.

Here are some words from her foster Mom:

Emma is the most sweet, goofy, playful, gentle loving dog you will ever meet! When she first arrived in with her 10 pups in September it was impossible to not fall instantly in love with her. You could see how grateful she was to be in a safe place to raise her babies. As the pups grew more independent and went to their forever homes, Emma spent more time with us and really came out of her shell. She’s started playing with stuffed toys and she learned to play fetch a few weeks ago. This girl LOVES the couch, she had clearly never been on a couch before coming here, but now we can’t get her off it. She is especially happy when her people are on the couch because she loves to snuggle. This girl has no sense of personal space, the closer the better. She would absolutely be a lap dog if you let her. The only thing she may love more than being on the couch are BELLY RUBS! Your arm will grow tired before she’s had her fill, and even then she will ask for more. She had no training other than understanding the word “no” but she is keen to learn. Despite that we’ve really had to teach her very little, she is just a good dog. If you lay a blanket on the floor and tell her its her bed, she’s a happy girl. You can tell all she wants to do is love her people and be loved in return. She learns quickly and is really thriving with a regular routine. I call her the ‘velcro dog’ because I can’t go anywhere without having her follow. She is amazing on leash and is an ideal running buddy!

I can only assume that because of experiences in her past she does take some time to warm up to and trust new people, especially men. She can be very fearful and defensive when meeting new people, especially in close quarters but just some reassurance and slow movements allow her time to adjust; but once you’re in, you’re in and commence belly rubs! Emma is also learning how to interact with other dogs, especially on leash. It took a couple weeks to warm up to our pug Lola, but now she loves her and they snuggle up together all the time and share toys. When out for walks Emma is quite defensive when meeting other dogs, especially big dogs. We have been working diligently with her on this and she has improved greatly but I think some behavior training with a professional would make a world of difference.

Emma would be best suited in home where she is the only dog, no kids or other small animals. She has a high prey drive so a home with cats would be a bad idea. A back yard to run around in and chase squirrels would be ideal, especially until she can work on her on leash greetings with other dogs. We haven’t had the opportunity to have her off leash or test her recall as we live in a townhouse but I don’t think she would run off, unless she saw a squirrel or something to chase, then all bets are off.

Emma really is an ideal dog, with a bit of training and patience she will be the perfect companion. If we had a backyard we would be keeping her forever but because we don’t we want to find her the perfect home that does.

If you are interested in fostering to adopt Emma please apply at

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