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Adoptable Kochai

Meet Adotpable Kochai!

Kochai is a male, 2-3year old, 60lb, Black and Tan, Mixed breed. Kochai is a really sweet dog that has been with his foster Mom now for 6 weeks and come so far since being with her, and is looking for a forever to help take him the rest of the way. Here are some words form his foster Mom:

It’s so nice to see how far Kochai has come after six weeks. He is becoming braver and more confident, and is super smart and cautiously affectionate. His leash reactivity is getting better, he doesn’t react to every dog he sees when out on a walk anymore, so that’s been a nice improvement, but does require a lot of patience because he is very independent and not always interested in going your way. He has his stubborn moments lol.

He is definitely more confident when he has a group with him. I have noticed a huge difference between a walk when we have company vs. a walk when it’s just the two of us. If he has two or more people walking with him, the reactivity happens even less, and it’s almost nonexistent if he is walking with another dog as well. He seems much more secure and is easier to redirect.

He has spent time with a couple of dogs so far and loves to play and socialize with them once they’ve met in a safe space. I think he would be happy in a home with another dog and a few family members. He is still very adamant about guarding the apartment and is often nervous at night, so he does bark quite a bit in the evenings. I feel like a quieter neighbourhood would be better for him and ideally some sort of yard that he can explore and patrol safely.

His prey drive is very high, especially with squirrels and cats. He isn’t comfortable around young children but older teenagers might be okay. No resource guarding problems (with people, not sure about other dogs), no separation anxiety issues, and only a little bit destructive when he’s bored. He loves squeak toys, belly rubs, and stealing socks.

His reactivity threshold is getting smaller, dogs can be closer now without him barking or lunging towards them. Small dogs aren’t really an issue anymore but he is more fearful of dogs that are bigger than him so is still pretty reactive to them. He responds most of the time to the eyes command but it’s way easier to get him to redirect and listen when he has more people or another dog on the walk. The prey drive is still strong. When he sees a squirrel he will drag me across a park to get to a squirrel that is already up a tree 50 ft away. Diet is good, he’s picky about dog treats but loves chicken so that’s our go to. Also likes those freeze dried liver treats. No digestive issues.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Kochai please apply at

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