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Adoptable Lassie

Meet Adoptable Lassie!
Lassie is a 5 year old, female, 40lb, tri-colour, mixed breed
Lassie is such a lovely dog that is so sweet, submissive, loves to roll over onto her back for tummy rubs, gets excited to see you, likes to play with you and her toys, but is pretty chill overall. She loves to go for nice walks and smell and the smells, and enjoy the sunshine. She can be funny at times where if she’s been walking for too long she may put the brakes on, then just lay down and now want to get up for a bit. We are working on it and she is getting better. If she does this, she will NOT let people people pick her up, it completely freaks her out, so we just use patience, treats and motivation to coax her back up.
In her previous foster home she had zero separation anxiety, seemed to be house trained, and absolutely loved the company and just being apart of the family. She did live with a cat and seemed to be fine with the cat. She has never lived with another dog since being here, or toddlers, so we aren’t sure about them in the home at this time. Lassie is such a delightful soul to have around that any home would be lucky to have her be a part of it.
Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Lassie.

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