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Adoptable Loki

Meet Adoptable Loki!
Loki is a 2 year old, male, 60-65lb, tiger brindle, mixed breed. Loki is a big and lovable, sweet and goofy boy that loves to run around outside and play with a ball, roll around in the grass, and likes to be chased. He does pretty good on leash, but is a strong dog that can be a bit jumpy still when excited, so he will need someone who has the ability to handle his size and exercise needs. Probably without toddlers or cats. He will run around and play along the fence with other dogs, doesn’t seem to react to them on leash when he sees them outside the, and we are just taking it slow when meeting new dogs on leash. At first he seems he has a bit of resource guarding of his food, but after a few days with us he could care less now. Loki absolutely loves to cuddle with you and get all the scratches too. Love yah buds!
Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Loki.

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