Adoptable Lucas and Brutus

Meet Lucas and Brutus!
Foster home needed for these two father and son, German Shepard, mixed breeds! Currently located on the lower mainland, but happy to go the island if need be. Please DM us or email at raincoastinfo@gmail.com
Meet Lucas and Brutus! This Father and Son duo are two of the sweetest and silly dogs you have ever met. Lucas came to us a while ago after he had been hit by a car and had a broken back essentially. We helped take him on and after a very expensive and miraculous spinal surgery and recovery by the wonderful neurological surgeons and staff, at Canada West Emergency Vets, RainCoast Owen’s and RainCoast Brooke’s tremendous aftercare, Lucas thrived in his recovery. Shortly after we were able to help his Dad out as well to reunite them. It was really cool we could do that for them with our friends at Bella Bella R.A.I.N.
They are about 7-8 and 10-11 years of age we believe, are German Shepard, mixed breeds, and about 65lbs and 75lbs. They love to go for their walks and then get really comfy inside while they await all your attention and affection too. They have been good with a cat and another puppy the foster has, and have been good with teenagers in the home. These two will make someone’s home a lot more loving and full of smiles.

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  1. Jean Jeffrey

    Are these dogs in a foster home now? Would you consider moving them to the island for foster? Could one person walk both dogs with control?

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hey Jean, I believe we spoke today about Luke. Good chat. Speak again soon for them meeting with Luke. Thank you.

  2. Rachel

    Are the boys still needing a home ?

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, which boys are you speaking of? Lucas and Brutus?

      Thank you

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