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Adoptable Luke

Meet Adoptable Luke!

Luke is a 6-7 year old, male, all black, 30-35lb, Spaniel. Luke started off his life in Afghanistan and came here as part of Mission Possible. Where we helped extract hundreds of animals, both rescues and owned, out of Afghanistan when the country collapsed just about two years ago. and a half ago.

Words from his family:

Luke is very loving, loyal and sweet. He loves to cuddle and spend time with his family. He loves to run around outside and sniff all the sniffs, loves water, and is always ready for an adventure. He works thrive with a home that’s out of the city, very active outside and is willing to help him become more well rounded. It’s really about the exercise with Luke. Someone that is working from home or retired would be great for Luke.

When meeting new dogs at first he is a little fear reactive on leash at first, but once familiar he loves the company of dogs, cats and bunnies. He is great around children, and has been great with our children in our home since day one. The children are educated and respectful children of dogs as well.

Luke has been showing some separation anxiety which has been challenging for his family because they have to now work full time, and no longer have the time needed to properly care for him and his needs. Luke is looking for a a home where he can be in the company of his owners and not home alone for long, as well as lots of consistent exercise to decrease boredom behaviours. He would also do great somewhere that he can run outside all day. Like a large yard or property. He needs a bit of work on barking, but with an active lifestyle he will hopefully be more fulfilled and less likely to exhibit such behaviours. It is a very hard heartbreaking decision for his current family but they want what is best for Luke and and feel they are not able to meet all his needs at this time. Luke is currently located in Burnaby BC.

Please feel free to apply at if you’re seriously interested in fostering to adopt Luke.

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