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Adoptable Mike!

Mike is a 2-3 year old, male, 45 lb, Central Asian, mixed breed. Mike is the sweetest baby boy who absolutely loves pets, snuggles, and affection of any sort. He walks so perfectly on leash and doesn’t pull. At the beginning of the shelter he was quite leash reactive to other dogs walking by, but he has actually come so far with this and is hardly responsive at all now to other dogs. Occasionally, he will bark and get excited, but this seems much more like excitement and wanting to say hi and play now. He has made many dog friends that he enjoys hanging out with and going to the beach with, and does well with them in the car

Mike might try to mark on the walls on the first day as he gets used to his new environment, but other than that he is totally house trained. He is quite a good boy in the house, is not destructive, is fine to be left alone, and leaves your things alone for the most part. However, if there is yummy food left on the counter then that is the one time he may counter surf, and if he is successful in stealing it then he will resource guard it! This is something we don’t blame him for, as he came from having nothing so we understand that when he does get something of value he wants to protect it at all costs. To work on this, we hand feed him and he gives us no issues with that! We would recommend not giving him high value, long lasting treats because of this.

He has some fears of distant sounds through the walls that he doesn’t understand where they’re coming from, which may cause him to run back and forth barking for a minute. He is young and is still learning to play appropriately, so sometimes will get nippy thinking that you are the toy. Otherwise he is chill most of the time and enjoys laying comfortably and looking out the window.

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Mike.

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  1. Andries Brouwers

    How is mike with kids? We are a loving family who one 8 year old and live with the grandparents near Cordova Bay.

    1. Jesse Adams

      hello, it depends with Mike. We are not going to be placing him with kids to start though. It’s just easier and safer for all. He also has a foster to adopt home he’s going into today. If any other dogs we have interest you please let us know. Thank you!

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