Adoptable Mike

Adoptable Mike!

Mike is a character of sorts that will bring a lot of laughs and love into your life. He comes to us all the way from Afghanistan, where he had a very difficult life during his time there that has left him with some quirks. Mike can do well with almost all dogs he meets, and has lived with a few since arriving in Canada, and done well. He takes a little bit to warm up two men and some new people, but he doesn’t well with proper introductions, and then he is practically putting in your hands. Mike is wary of strangers on walks and is sometimes reactive to other dogs, and will bark or pull towards them. He is easily redirected and then comes right down and continues on with his walk. He’s never try to hurt another dog or person, but he can get triggered from his PTSD and briefly have these reactions. He can be triggered to bark inside for short periods of time, mostly during the night. Mike sleeps well inside the home and does well left alone without any damage or anxiety. Mike does not prefer car rides as they can really stress him out, but he will go on them, and can be managed with the right understanding. Mike loves to hang out with you and play with his toys, take naps, and loves to run around in the yard, enjoying the fresh air and smells. He likes to sometimes Barca birds and planes above, but just is a big silly goofball at heart that has a lot of love to give in the right home that’s meant for his needs. He is house trained, and does have the ability to continue on, and learn more to become a more well-rounded dog. He will be the perfect match for the right person’s lifestyle that may live out in the country or a rural area. It would be great for somebody who lives alone and wants a bit of a guardian and best friend, to be always looking out for them. Mike has been with us for over a year and a half now. Mike is truly one of the most unique dogs we have ever met and we love him so much and pray that we can help find him a forever home.

Meet Adoptable Mikey – A Survivor’s Tale of Resilience and Love! 🐾

Hi, friends! My name is Mike, but my foster mama affectionately calls me Mikey. 🐶 I’m reaching out to share my journey and, more importantly, to find my forever family. My foster mama says I’m a very special boy, and here’s a bit about my story.

I hail from Afghanistan, a place where the streets were unkind, and heartless people threw stones at me. When I was found in a hole in the ground that was full of garbage, I had almost no fur left. Fortunately, fate smiled upon me, and I was rescued along with nearly 300 dogs and cats when the Taliban took over Kabul. On February 1, 2022, I arrived in Vancouver, ready for a new beginning.

While many of my fellow travelers have found their forever homes, I’m still on the lookout for that special family who can provide me with the love and understanding I need. Life hasn’t always been easy for me, and I carry some scars, but who doesn’t, right?

For the past year, I’ve been living with my foster mama, who showers me with love. She says I’m funny and sweet, but she has her hands full with my two foster brothers, and I’m eager to find my own loving home.

Here are some things I love: fresh air, the beach, snuggles, a warm cozy bed, belly rubs, toys, a quiet scene, and a calm dog friend. I even enjoy having my own space sometimes.

Now, there are a few things I’m not fond of, like buses and big noisy vehicles, squirrels, airplanes, loud noises (especially fireworks), and children because some were mean to me. I can be a bit wary of strangers, but once I warm up, I’m a friendly guy. I enjoy walks, although I may lunge at vehicles, especially the big ones. Car rides are cool, but shorter is better due to traffic stress.

Okay, here’s the honest truth—I can be a bit of a barker. But, hey, at least it’s a deep, tolerable bark! My foster mama manages it by giving me activities and closing the blinds to keep me calm. When left alone, though, I’m an absolute angel—no destruction here!

I’m searching for that special person or persons who can understand my quirks and work with me on them. They should be patient, willing to accept that I might always bark a bit, and understand that I’ll need time (months) to settle in and feel truly comfortable.

If you think you could be my special someone, please reach out! I’m ready to fill your life with love, laughter, and loyalty. Let’s start our journey together! 🏡❤️

Please feel free to apply@raincoastdogrescue.com if you’re interested in Mike.

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  1. Andries Brouwers

    How is mike with kids? We are a loving family who one 8 year old and live with the grandparents near Cordova Bay.

    1. Jesse Adams

      hello, it depends with Mike. We are not going to be placing him with kids to start though. It’s just easier and safer for all. He also has a foster to adopt home he’s going into today. If any other dogs we have interest you please let us know. Thank you!

  2. Kristy

    Hi, just checking in about Mike. Will he be staying with his foster to adopt home or is he available? We would be interested in seeing if he is a good fit for our family if he is available. Thanks!

    1. Jesse Adams

      hello, Mike is up for adoption. He is more of a couple or one owner type of guy range he than a kid filled house. But please feel free to apply for him or in general and we can chat more about him. Thank you!

  3. janet moore

    Hello, can you tell me if Mike is still available for adoption?

    Thank you,

    1. Jesse Adams

      hello, yes he is still available. Have you applied with us before? Thank you.

  4. Janet and Ted

    Yes, we have an application in for one of Magnolia’s pups at the moment but we haven’t heard anything yet. Please advise, thanks!

  5. Janet Moore

    Yes, we have an application in for one of Magnolia’s pups at the moment but we haven’t heard anything yet. Please advise, thanks!

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