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Meet Adoptable Milkshake!

Milkshake is a 2-2.5 year old, female, 55lb, Staffordshire Terrier, mixed breed. Milkshake is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, greeting every human with tail wags and licks. She’s super smart, energetic and eager to please her human. She’s getting used to living life indoors and has gone from being afraid to leave the carpet to roaming the whole house. For now, she’d do best as an only dog with no other pets as she hasn’t been properly socialized, but she sure is excited for that!

She’s never been left alone for more than a couple of hours, but she doesn’t seem to mind being alone – she’s just been right where we left her.

She’s come a long way walking on the lead, but is still easily overstimulated. She’s not used to all the noises in our busy neighbourhood and gets very excited when she sees another dog. Sometimes near the house she can seem protective, but otherwise she just seems really excited to say hello. We’re looking forward to working with her on that, but her adopters will need to work on that with her too.

She’s done really well in a house with four adults with different schedules – she’s affectionate and loving with her whole human family and everyone who has come through the door. That said, she’s spent a few nights on a property with acreage and has really thrived there. She would love a family with one or two dedicated humans who were focused on showing her the world and how to be in it. I think the quieter rural setting was good for her, too. Milkshake was pregnant when she was rescued by us, and then gave birth to her puppies and raised them for 9 weeks before they were adopted out. She has now healed, is spayed and up to date on all her vaccine, and is currently in training and is patiently awaiting her forever home.

She’s an awesome dog! She’s so friendly and sweet – Everybody who has met her falls in love with her.

If you would like are seriously interested in fostering to adopt Milkshake please apply at

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  1. Caroline

    She is gorgeous. How could she not have already have been scooped up!

    1. Jesse Adams

      We totally agree 🙂

  2. Kane Petersen

    My wife and I recently lost our beloved furry family member, and Milkshake sounds exactly like her. We would really like to meet her if she is not adopted. We are both retired and have the perfect home her. She will be loved and cared for as one of the family. Our only concern would be if she is compatible with our grandchildren.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank you,
    Kane & Karen

    1. Jesse Adams

      hello, thank you for your message. Milkshake is currently in a foster to adopt home. We know in 1-3 weeks if they adopt or not. Please feel free to check back in. Also, the best way to start is to apply on our website. Your application is always on file after so you don’t have to apply again. Milkshake likes respectful kids. It’s other dogs she is needing work with. Thank you!

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