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Adoptable Mishka

Meet Adoptable Mishka!

Mishka is a Mishka, 4-5 month old, female, 32lb, Alaskan Malamute, mixed breed. Mishka is currently located in Vancouver, BC.

Here are some words from her foster: I’m a smart and curious playful puppy who like hanging out with my human pack, going for walks, playing with my rope toy, or just laying outside on the deck. My foster crew has been working with me on my house manners and I’m doing great! I ring the bell to go out to the bathroom (I do still have the occasional miss), use the bathroom in a designated area, sleep in my crate through the night.

I’m currently living with a 9-year-old and a 13-year-old and enjoy playing with them. I love wrestling but get mouthy when I get over-excited. That said, you can play with my ears, tail, and paws, as long as I have a rope to distract my mouth. I even like being brushed. The vet cut my nails while I licked peanut butter off a mat, and I loved that! Mmmm, peanut butter!

Okay, back to me…. Because I am so smart, the folks in Edmonton got me these cool puzzle feeders and I love how it keeps my brain challenged. As I said before, I’m really curious and want to see everything. Unfortunately, right now, I’m still trying to jump up on counters and on new people. I can jump a baby gate, and if you lift it up a bit to make it taller, I’ll either crawl under it or jump over it. I like laying on the couch with my people, but I do get a bit possessive of the blankets. When I get overtired, I get the zoomies and I get kinda bitey – I’m trying, but my humans still need to help me with this one.
I love food! Like really, REALLY love it. If you drop something, are cooking or put something in the garbage, I’ll be right there, hoping desperately you give me some. That said, if I grab something I’m not supposed to have, I’ll reluctantly let you take it away from me.

On my walks, I’m friendly with other dogs and people. I do startle with loud noises, but my humans are brave and are teaching me to be too. I haven’t had a lot of experience going in the car, but I’ve done alright on my quick trips. My big ears and spotted nose make me irresistibly cute, but remember, I’m probably going to grow up to be a big girl, with lots of fluff. I need to be with a family that loves going for walks, can give me space to run and play and can hold the line for me as I figure out these human rules. Mishka is more than ready for her journey forward into her forever home.

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