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Adoptable Pippa


Meet Adoptable Pippa!

Pippa is a 3-4 year old, female, 50lb, blonde coat with black muzzle, mixed breed from Northern Saskatchewan. Pippa is such a funny and goofy dog that loves to hunt bugs and lizards in the backyard and out to sniff and explore the world outside. Pippa loves to play with she toys too, cuddle, and enjoys her naps as well. She’s is doing better with her leash work, both good with and semi reactive to other dogs, it really depends on the dog and situation. She’s getting better by the week, and by no means is aggressive, just excited, wants to say hello, but overstimulated. Pippa is nice to other humans and has one of the softest coats you will ever feel. She will makena great dog for a bike that likes to get outside and explore, but also likes to relax in the backyard and cuddle up on the couch. Words from foster home below.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Pippa please apply at

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