Adoptable Remi

Adoptable Remi

Meet Adoptable Remi!

Handsome Remi is still looking for his forever home. Remi is a 2 1/2 year old, 50lb, medium sized, Red Heeler mix, and has been living with his foster family in a busy neighborhood for the past 7 months. Remi has been one of the most loving, loyal and affectionate dogs to his close people. He requires a quiet neighborhood setting, and a home with no other pets. His ideal environment will be a quiet suburban or rural home where he can enjoy the attention of his adult family without children, and without frequent guests. He had a rough start to his life which has limited his socialization with strangers. As can be a common trait with heelers, he bonds strongly with his people, but is weary of others which leads to protective behavior, like nipping and lunging. He is also fearful of other dogs which comes through as leash reactivity, and cannot be let off leash with other dogs around.

Remi is extremely cuddly and affectionate. He is very smart, knows plenty of tricks, loves toys and playing games. He is quite good on leash (when other dogs aren’t around), and has good recall. He is fully house trained, won’t chew anything that is not his, and is very polite with his food and treats.

He is a joy to have around the house. He loves his people so much and wants nothing more than a game of fetch, followed by a belly rub, and a nap with his head in your lap. He just needs a safe home in a quiet area with less triggers so he can learn how to be comfortable around other people and animals.

His fosters can’t stress enough just how sweet and special this young dog is. A quiet environment with owners patient and willing to work through the training and management he needs will give Remi the life he deserves.

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