Adoptable Rev

Adoptable Rev

Meet Adoptable Rev!

Rev is a 3-4 year old, male, 55-65lb, tan and white, Husky X German Shepard.

Rev is definitely a great dog that just needs a specific life with a special person or persons. Rev needs lots of exercise, a large fenced space to run around off leash and play, and a dog experienced owner that loves to be active and has the time and patience to place in the continued training with our support. Rev would be great at keeping away unwanted wildlife, letting you know when someone has come on to your property, as well as a loving guardian dog to any respectful children.

Words from his previous owner:
Rev is the sweetest boy you ever put eyes on. He is young and brash and needs strict guidance on what the ground rules are. He will try to push but consistency is key. Completely non destructive and crate trained but can be left alone for hours. Is amazing with babies but no animals, he has a high prey drive and dog anxiety. He is reactive to dogs and we are working on this but help with a trainer and a private yard would be ideal. He has a hard time with impulse controle when introduced to new people, he just wants to say hello so badly and can jump up, it will take him time to learn to manage his excitement through training and so having a quiet home is ideal. He loves to run and does a 10km run every day to keep him worked out. Show him patience and you will find a best friend ready to do everything with you and will be forever loyal.

Where work is needed:
-He is very overstimulated by other dogs when he sees them and then is reactive. He will be barking/lunging/yelping outside on leash. If he sees dogs outside when inside the house he just cries at the window.
-He is stubborn and pushy sometimes if you let him be.

The good:
-Very active, loves running, will run his paws ragged if you don’t watch his energy.
-Cuddly and couch potato inside the house.
-Knows basic commands, but you have to drill him everyday
-He can play with dogs, under extreme observation. He hasn’t had this opportunity since our dog trainer stopped working with us.
-He can be off leash, but he needs to be worked back into it, again we haven’t done it in months.
-He is very gentle and affectionate inside.
-He loves kids.
-He loves hiking and adventures.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Rev please apply at

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