Adoptable Sage

Meet Adoptable Sage 🩷

Sage is five years old, female, 50lb, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and full of spunk, wiggles and love. Sage is fully crate trained, does well with other dogs (without toys/food around), LOVES people and is fine chilling at home on her own. She is so full of love that sometimes she doesn’t know what to do with it all. Over our time with Sage she has come a long way. She is trained on place, has basic recall (when her senses don’t get the best of her) and a good understanding of basic commands. She lives with another dog and does really well, is so cuddly and sweet, has a great personality, and loves to explore the outdoors on bikes and at the lake. Sage truly deserves the best life because she is such a great dog!

What we have been working on is her anxiety. Sage has pretty intense anxiety at times, which can get the best of her when she is overstimulated. This happens mainly in the outside world, more so in a city environment, & in unfamiliar areas or places where there are lots of things going on. She also struggles at first when company comes over because she is so stimulated and excited. Her over stimulation doesn’t come out as aggression, because it is not, but pretty intense yelping, barking & pulling on leash. Once Sage gets to this place it is tough to bring her back. Sage also struggles in the car when she is with a lot of people. She does SO well one-on-one with her person but add extra family members or too many dogs and she is instantly on high alert/manic energy. She is also prone to chasing & lunging at skateboards, bikes and deer.

We love Sage. We also really believe that in the right home lots of Sage’s troubles may be eradicated and will cause no issue to her next home. So as difficult as the decision has been to realize we may not be the right forever home for her we are so optimistic that Sage will shine with someone new. A home that loves cuddle puddles, tons of doggy kisses and chilling at home with this sweet little pocket pit.

If you’re seriously interested in fostering to adopt Sage, please apply at

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  1. Debbie Berrow

    How is she with cats

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, We are unsure of how she is worth cats. Never had her around them before. It can depend a lot on the cat too. That’s all we know at this time. Thank you

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