Adoptable Tikka

Adoptable Tikka


Meet Adoptable Tikka!

Tikka is – 2-3 year old, female, 55lb, Black and Tan, Rottweiler, mixed breed. Tikka is one of the sweetest and goofiest gals around and would love an active life of outdoor adventures and lots of snuggles. The only reason she hasn’t been around many dogs yet, besides another female Terrier and a puppy is because she is not spayed. She will be in two weeks, it’s just vets have been very backed up. Tikka came to us from the Cowichan Coastal Shelter over a month ago and has been settling in so well as we get to know her.

Here are some words from her foster family:

Tikka is the biggest cuddlebug and loves nothing more than getting kisses and belly rubs. She’s very food motivated and has her basic commands down pat. She’s a quick learner and very eager to please, so she’ll easily pick up any new commands you want to teach her.

Tikka loves her kennel and will practically sprint to it when you say “bed”. She does have a bit of separation anxiety when left alone, but she settles down very quickly if you put her in her kennel a few minutes before leaving. She gets very excited when you come back and does like to jump for joy, but there’s hope for improvement with how quickly she learns.

Tikka is hesitant when meeting new people but she warms up after a few minutes, especially if they have treats! She does cower, especially around men, so moving slowly and letting her approach you is best. I haven’t seen any sort of fear aggression, so that is a bonus!

It’s the cutest thing in the world when Tikka gets zoomies. She is a little powerhouse and can get barky and jumpy when she’s at that level of excitement, so she’s probably not the best suited to be around children who can get knocked over. When she’s her typical calm self though, she is incredibly sweet and patient with dog-savvy kids and puppies alike.

Tikka seems to be undersocialized and hasn’t been tested with other dogs yet. She does get overly excited when she sees dogs while on the trail, but she can be redirected and will most likely learn to keep her cool with more exposure. She goes bananas over little dogs! And she loves puppies. She plays with our puppy nonstop, and is so patient and nurturing with him. She’s great at bringing him toys to play together with, and she’ll let you know when she’s had enough by either going to her kennel or snuggling up and away from him on the couch or bed.

Tikka’s prey drive does seem to be high, she gets hyper focused on small animals that move fast like cats and squirrels. She walks great on leash, albeit very slowly so she can absolutely sniff everything. She loves going on walks and hikes, she absolutely loves car rides and exploring!

It’s really hard to talk about all the ways Tikka is amazing without writing a novel. If we could afford to, we would adopt her in a heartbeat. When showered with love, time, and attention, this little lady will only blossom more and more. She is the sweetest, goofiest, most affectionate lovebug, and anyone would be so lucky to have her 🧡

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Tikka please apply at and then you can DM us with a follow up.

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