Adoptable Toby

Adoptable Toby

Meet Adoptable Toby!

Toby is a 2 year old, 21lb, male, white and tan, Dachshund X Terrier, mixed breed. Toby is a really sweet and a little shy, is good with other dogs and respectful kids, likes affection and to snuggle, but we aren’t sure about cats at this time. Somebody with patience, that likes a dog that’s clingy, that’s not gone from the home each day for long periods, would be best for Toby.

Here are some words from his foster home:
So a little bit about Toby so far. He is very easy to love. He just loves snuggles and affection. He’ll rub up to your face the way a cat rubs against your leg. He just wants to be so close that he nuzzles his head to your chest and curls in to you as much as he can. He gets along with everyone including kids. He doesn’t seem to be easily intimidated and welcomes affection from all. He has been great with our super energetic dog who pesters him until he gives in and plays with her and then they race around together until they’re both exhausted. He peed in the house a few times to start but we have been diligent now about getting him out very regularity and praising him when he pees in the grass and we already see an improvement. He’s got a good appetite and is still adding some extra weight, but he doesn’t beg too much. He likes to hop up on your lap but also enjoys a little quiet time on his own where he will nap on the furniture. He also tried to sleep in our bed, but we were persistent and kept putting him down into his own bed and he picked up on that quickly as well. Tobes has a hilariously long body, he can run fast and jump high (like really high) for such a small dog. So if you’re using dog gates they will have to be tall 😊

Please apply at if you’re interested in fostering to adopt Toby.

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