Adoptable Topanga


Adoptable Topanga!

Topanga is a beautiful, 2-3 year old, female, 60lb, tri-colour, mixed breed. Topanga came to us as a Momma with puppies a few months ago, and they have since been adopted out. Topanga is such a sweetheart. DM us for any questions.

Words from her foster Mom: Topanga, is a fun loving girl that loves people and other dogs. Has a high prey drive. Barking is as far as she goes until she can sniff you and then you are best friends. High energy, will keep up and spend days on the couch with you when needed. Will do anything for treats and is super smart. Can entertain herself but prefers to play with you. Can be left alone in the house and sleeps through the night until you are ready to wake up. Her favourite thing in the world is food and couch time. Also happy to just sniff the world.

If you’re interested in fostering to adopt Topanga please apply at raincoastdogrescue.com

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  1. Jay B

    I’d previously applied for Mr. Riggs, but would be interested in fostering Topanga to see if it’s a fit. Do I need to reapply?

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hey! You do not need to reapply. I believe we just chatted on IG as well.

  2. Jenni

    Would Topanga be ok with cats? She sounds perfect but I do have 3 dog-friendly house cats.

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hey, good question. we have no idea if she good with cats. It also really depends on the cats, the time you give to integrate. As it could take 1-6 weeks. The cats would have to be separated safely from the dog at first too while working on it. We would only find out once we tried. Thank you!

  3. Linda

    Is Topanga house trained and leash trained?
    Thank you.

    1. Jesse Adams

      HELLO, he is still looking for his forever home. He’s a good boy.

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