Covid 19 and RainCoast Dog Rescue Society Policies.

Covid 19 and RainCoast Dog Rescue Society Policies.

We are wanting to share some information with our community on how RainCoast will be operating during these tough times in our community, city, province, country and the world with the Covid 19 virus. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there, and we will all get through this as a team, as a community, as one.

We at RainCoast want to ensure the utmost safety and caution within our rescue and community, to whom which we work with on a daily basis. This means that we will not be allowing any volunteers to work directly with people or in any highly populated outdoor areas at this time. Only myself, Jesse, and one other of our members, Jodie, will be allowed to handle any foster homes, adoptions, or emergencies at this time. If we are to come to anyone’s home we will be wearing a mask, and will be very thorough on washing our hands and disinfecting. If you or anyone in your home are feeling any symptoms of anything at all, please let us know immediately, as we will not be able to come to your home or come in contact with you in any environment at this time. We do apologize, but it’s what’s best for everyone. That being said, if this is something that can be done through email, on the phone or through pictures, such as adoptions and home checks, then we will be operating through those routes instead at this time. If this is for an emergency rescue, emergency medical needs, or for drop offs for fostering or supplies, then only one of the two of us will be attending your home with a mask on and a distance of at least 6 feet away from you at all times.

We want to reassure people that dogs CANNOT internally host this disease or get sick by it, but, if you are sick and you cough on, kiss or touch your dog or our foster dog with having these symptoms, the dog or dogs, and yourself, will need to be fully quarantined for at least two weeks before allowing yourself or your dog, or ours, to come into contact with anyone.

If anyone that’s eligible for our PET Project, like low income families or the homeless, are in desperate need of dog or cat food because you cannot afford it at these times, and please people be very honest about this, we can come drop dog or cat food off outside your house for you. Please just message us however you like.

We do realize that so many people have all this extra time on their hands and want to foster right now, and we are so grateful for this, and we will be trying to get back to each of you as we can to discuss this further.

We want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during these times, and we hope to see this being a thing of the past, sooner than later. We all need to do our part to help defeat this pandemic.

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We just wanted to explain and let everyone know that since the global Covid 19 outbreak we have had a massive influx in people wanting to adopt and foster, which is fantastic! So many kind people reaching out to help animals during these tough times. The kicker is, it’s been a lot harder to rescue dogs since travel is limited, borders and airlines are shut down, or they’re not taking animals at this time for transport, plus rescues strict Covid policies in place for safety, so that means we have more people than ever wanting to foster or adopt, but it’s harder than ever to rescue dogs to allow those people to help.

But! We are trying our very best to find as many dogs as we can to help at this time, so don’t lose hope. We have plans to rescue 10-20 dogs / puppies from Saskatchewan rural areas, hopefully in the next two weeks or so, and we have a few other dogs we have started to plan to get here to the island from other places in BC as well, not to mention the dogs we have already been helping on Vancouver Island.

Due to the large influx of people a wanting to foster or adopt, messaging, calling, texting, emailing, it’s been a lot harder to keep up with these things as well, so if you have reached out to a rescue to help and haven’t heard back, this is probably why. We do greatly appreciate your patience and understanding this time. I think we can speak for almost all rescues and shelters on this one. So please bare with us as we do our best to catch up and get back to you.

To all the rescues out there around the world trying their best right now, hang in there, the animals need you more than ever during these times. Our hearts and prayers go out to you.

We hope everyone is staying happy, healthy and distancing themselves from others. We will get though this together.

Thank you from all of us at RainCoast!

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