Odessa (Odie)

When they ask us why do you rescue? What do you get out of it? Well, one very clear answer is this right here..Seeing this and then feeling that feeling that you changed two lives, not just one. From a life with no chances, to a life with endless possibilities. Simply Amazing!

Adopted! Yaaay Odie! (Odessa)

Happy Tail- Only a month ago, a shy but super affectionate young dog entered my world. It has already felt like we have been best friends for a lifetime! Quickly coming out of her shell, Odie, (formerly Jessie) showed her true potential for tireless west coast adventure. Short for “Odessa”, she has earned her namesake of the word odyssey; whether it is by my side every day in my job deep in the forest, mountain biking, or challenging backwoods Strathcona hiking and camping. She effortlessly fits into my family, even being a well-behaved and calm pup while I renovate my first home. While sometimes I almost forget Odie is still a puppy, (being such an eager learner and easy to train!) she reminds me daily with her hilarious antics and cartoonish humour; often I will look to the backyard to find her entertaining herself by throwing her toys in a one man game of fetch or tail-chasing ? Overjoyed to meet new dog and human friends, Odie melts hearts with her gentle hugs and full body cuddles. Thank you #raincoastdogrescue for introducing me to the perfect dog!