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Adopted! Yaayy Rena!
(Formerly Serena)

Happy Tail – We all found each other not long after our beloved dog Katie had passed away (also a beautiful girl we found through RainCoast). Our hearts were broken after losing Katie, and we knew that our home was incomplete without a K9 family member. We had already contacted Jesse about adopting another dog, so were actively monitoring the society’s social media channels for any openings in the conversation. It was on one of those mornings that I noticed Jesse’s plea for someone to step in to help him with an 18 month old, female, Weimaraner cross who needed to be urgently moved from her foster home on a Salt Spring Island. It was the Labour Day Weekend, so we weren’t prepared, but after we watched the video Jesse had posted with Serena, we decided to follow our hearts.

Rena arrived later that day with Jesse and his assistant Gertie ? As soon as Jesse and Gertie left, Rena ran into our bedroom and bolted onto the bed. She circled and sunk into the covers. Her long and luxurious exhale said it all, and she seemed to fall asleep almost instantly. None of our previous dogs were allowed on our bed, and slept on their own bed in our room. But neither of us had the heart to disturb this tired girl who had been through so much, and so we adapted our ways to welcome her into the fold. Rena has huge energy, and we’re grateful for the nearby woods with all its amazing sights and smells for Rena, especially the smells. Rena’s hunting instincts keep us on our toes when we’re on the trails, but she’s super friendly with dogs and their people along the way, and just a big love bug back at home. We’re all learning more about each other with each passing day, and looking forward to sharing many wonderful years together as a family. Thank you Jesse and RainCoast for helping to connect us with another wonderful soul. Blessings.

Cindy & Steven Moyer