Jesse Adams

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a Registered Canadian Charity that was co-founded in 2014 by Jesse Adams with his deep love, commitment, and passion for helping animals across Canada and abroad. Over the last 10 years it has become an organization of many incredible and compassionate volunteers that have come together to form a dedicated team for the higher purpose of helping make a big difference in the lives of dogs and cats in need of support and lifesaving efforts.

RainCoast is a completely volunteer based organization. This means that all donations, adoption fees, fundraiser earnings, and merchandise sales go directly back towards rescuing and rehabilitating more dogs and cats in need, while continuing to support the rescue dogs and cats we already have in our care. As well as our community programs under our RainCoast PET Project.


We at RainCoast Dog Rescue Society rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected, stray, misplaced, abused dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages across Canada. We advocate for the humane treatment of animals along with the education and awareness needed to help provide that. We believe in strong community partnerships and relations with the belief of working together as one does make a difference. 

Advocacy and Education

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is committed to providing animal ownership education to all communities across Canada, while advocating for the humane treatment of all animals and their right to have progressive and improved animal welfare protections. 

Here are the most current and important issues we focus on:

We advocate for there to be more thorough, structured and humane definitions in the BC PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) in regards to what is considered safe, clean, protective and supportive in regards to a dog or cats shelter, food, water, and care. 

We advocate for there to be a more thorough and comprehensive review of animals that are seized by the SPCA due to neglect and cruelty, but the cases are reviewed by F.I.R.B. (Farm Industry Review Board). These cases should not be reviewed by F.I.R.B. who gets funding through the very industry that could be investigated for cruelty, and the abuse cases should be handed over to a neutral and independent review panel before ever being considered to be returned to their owners / abusers, in which they were seized from originally. 

We advocate for more funding for municipal bylaw officers and enforcement, bylaw improvements that include more owner responsibility when incidents occur, and continuing to enact breed neutral bylaws in more communities across BC and Canada. We think it’s very important as well that we advocate for actual government funding for more SPCA cruelty officers, more resources for training and cruelty investigations, and a direct link to have the RCMP create a joint task force with the SPCA to handle the large volume of animal abuse cases that fall under the PCA act (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) which is under the BC provincial criminal code. 

We advocate for our justice system to take animal abuse cases with more seriously in regards to the increased pressure to investigate, charge, and prosecute animal abusers under the full extent of our criminal code. We need to be urgently addressing the seriousness and severity of animal abuse cases in Canada. We need a better determination and passion for justice and public safety when it comes to animal abuse cases being handled, or lack there of, by the crown counsel and judges presiding over them. Their track record across Canada has very poor past precedents; that is unacceptable and lacks compassion and a real understanding of public safety. 

We advocate for strict breeding regulations and the banning of abusive puppy mills and backyard breeding that exploit animals through abuse for personal greed and profit. Thousands of dogs and cats are forced into slavery and suffering in Canada each year to produce puppies or kittens at a rapid rate, while being forced to live in filthy and unsanitary conditions. They are then sold off to anyone with cash in hand. Then buyers end up with very sick animals with really poor genetics, that usually tragically live a short life. Millions of dollars are made through this exploitation, and it’s also a massive tax evasion. The same people that abuse these animals are more often than not connected to causing other forms of abuse to their own family or friends, and it gets progressively worse. This is also a public safety concern for communities. 

We as well feel it’s important to have animal rescue regulations and oversight in regards to the operational ethics and values of the organization, and more defined, structured, humane and health conscious regulations for the importation of dogs and cats into Canada. 

We advocate for the Canadian government to allocate proper funding and access to Veterinary programs in schools to be operational throughout the country at major universities, and not just the current and very limited select few that have wait lists that are years long to be accepted into the veterinary medicine program. Having more access to veterinary medicine will allow us to treat animals in quicker time frames, allow for more sustainable veterinary costs for owners, and give relief to the current vet shortage and the massive increase of animals people have acquired throughout Canada since 2020. This will only help benefit the lives of the animals, their owners, and the veterinary staff we depend on so dearly. 

We advocate for the more humane treatment and protections for Canadian Sled Dogs. The Canadian commercial sled dog industry riddles our country with wide spread abuse, suffering, torture, murder, and the mass exploitation of sled dogs for profit and ego. This is what thousands of sled dogs have to endure each day across Canada. Please choose to enjoy other humane and ethical winter activities with your money.  Then we have the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska. The Iditarod Trail dog sled race is a sled dog race from Anchorage, Alaska to Nome, Alaska, a route that is over 1,100 miles long. Aside from basic animal rights arguments against exploiting dogs for entertainment and profit, many people object to the Iditarod because of the animal cruelty and deaths involved. The Iditarod has been smeared with horrific dog abuse, corruption, death, and drug use within the operators and dogs. This has led to the drop in large sponsorships due to the controversy that is the Iditarod. Sled dogs are currently labeled as agricultural animals in Canada and therefore have less protections under our animal welfare laws than other dogs do, and we are working towards changing this with many other animal rescue and welfare organizations across Canada. 

We advocate against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) in any and all communities across Canada. We believe all dogs, regardless of breed or look, are to be treated equally without prejudice or bias. Breed Specific Legislation unfairly targets dogs off of a breed or look, which can result in their demonizing, a false fear create through propaganda, the dog being seized, shelter confinement, and or euthanasia.  This harms families and communities by unfairly targeting a whole breed of a dog, which gives the perception that all dogs of one breed are the same; that’s like saying that all of one race of human will all act the same, and are to be treated as so. That’s completely unacceptable, uneducated, and ignorant. BSL only hurts good dogs and their responsible owners, and does not make communities safer. American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers, and dogs that resemble them, are the highest numbers euthanized in shelters across North America. The only way to make communities safer regardless of the breeds and sizes of dogs that live within in, is to educate owners and make sure they’re being responsible. Owners need to be held accountable for their individual dogs actions, and not the breed or dog itself. Instead of punishing the dog, we need to educate and have real consequences for the irresponsible owners. Any dog can bite, any dog can act out, any dog can be a problem if not raised right, trained right, or unsuitable for that persons current abilities. We need more compassion and understanding for the dog, and more education and consequences for irresponsible dog owners. We will always advocate for breed neutral bylaws in all communities across Canada. 

We advocate for proper access to animal education, resources, rescue and veterinary services for all communities across Canada. 

One of our main goals is to help educate and raise awareness throughout all communities in Canada when it comes to caring about responsible animal ownership, animal rights and animal welfare, and ethical and force free training. We do this through various outlets such as live online and social media discussions, podcasts, school education events, yearly UVIC class discussions, books, accessing remote and indigenous communities, and events with our local pet stores and other businesses or organizations that are proud supporters. We share health facts to support owners in knowing what is best for their dog’s health, body, mind, and spirit.

Welcome to the RainCoast PET Project! The RainCoast PET Project was started in 2017 and it brings a variety of support to animals and their people in urban and remote communities across BC, Western and Northern Canada. 

We offer a wide range of support and services that includes veterinary care, food and supplies, training and education, rescue and rehoming, animal bylaws and animal welfare standards, and spay and neuter clinics to help support communities and their animals. 

We work in urban areas around Vancouver Island and in Vancouver within the downtown Eastside community, and offer support for anyone that is living in government funded subsidized housing, supportive housing, or are currently experiencing homelessness.

As a mixed indigenous run organization we are proudly in partnership and work closely with over a dozen local and remote Indigenous communities across Vancouver Island; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut. 

Our RainCoast PET Project also is passionate about working with schools and their students on education and awareness about responsible ownership and care of animals, through in person speaking and educational books, and inspiration. The youth are the future to a more humane and responsible world for all animals. 

To date the RainCoast PET Project has helped support hundreds of animals and their owners, while helping improve animal welfare in communities throughout BC and Canada.


RainCoast Dog Rescue Society rescues all of their dogs and cats with the utmost love and care for the dogs and cats needs, care, well-being, and rehabilitation. Once the dog or cat is rescued and in our care we can start to assess the needs of the dog or cat. It can depend on the severity of the individual case in regards to that some dogs and cats can take months or even years to rehabilitate, and in some cases the dog or cat is ready for adoption within a short time.  All of our dogs and cats are first assessed and temperament tested. Then once in our care they receive different levels of training that depend on the dogs or cats needs at that time. Once taken into our care the dog or cat will them see one of our vets for a full health check and any other medical care needed at that time. RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a foster based rescue and we rely on responsible and loving foster homes that work with us to help the animals in need while we focus on rehabilitation and then adoption. We cover all costs related to fostering and care for any of our rescues.  RainCoast does have a small property where we may foster some of the more difficult cases, but we have limited space at this time. We take great pride in the safety, health, care, love, and rehabilitation of all our rescue dogs and cats. We want them to have the best start by focusing on their own personal needs of rehabilitation before adopting them out. This is such a crucial process to the rehabilitation and long term success for the animal in their life moving forward. With our over 15 years experience in the field of animal rescuing and rehabilitation, animal welfare and advocacy, and adoptions. We hold ourselves to a higher ethical and moral standard while we dedicate our lives to rescuing and rehabilitating these beautiful animals.

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society uses a “Foster to Adopt” program which makes a really professional, sustainable, comfortable, and no pressure system for potential adopters. We ask you please start off by applying online on our website by clicking “adopt now” in the top corner. Please then fill out the application to the best of your ability. This is crucial to us being able to help match you up with the right dog or cat for your lifestyle. Once we receive your application we will contact you within one week or less to go over your application and discuss any questions you may have. This could slightly vary depending on emergency cases and large intakes at that time, but we always do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. 

Once you apply on our website you are on file and you do not have to apply again for each dog or cat that interests you. Please just feel free to send us an email in the future if you see another dog or cat that interests you. We will do our best to reach out to you to discuss your application and do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as discuss the adoptable dogs you may be interested in. We will follow with a home check; and then move forward on to setting a meeting with the dog or cat we have agreed could be a good match for you. When you come to meet the dog or cat you will get to spend time with them in different environments to see how they are doing and what will need continued support. If all parties agree we can sign the foster to adopt contract with some general rules and guidelines, along with the adoption deposit that is fully refundable if the foster to adopt does not work out. We then start a foster to adopt trial period with the dog or cat that consists of us providing you with all the items needed for their care and well being while being with you for up to three weeks as a trial period. 

This is to ensure everyone gets to know one another and feel good about moving forward or not as a forever home, and not feel mislead or committed before getting to know the animal first, and the animal get to know them to ensure a good match. We then open up a group chat and offer you daily support with the animal we we move forward to help ensure the best chance of success by working as a team during the foster to adopt period.

If you then choose to adopt we will finalize the adoption with an adoption contract, and you will receive all the copies of their medical paperwork. 

We will always be there for all of our adopters with any tips or advice for you and your RainCoast adopted dog or at for their entire life. We encourage our adopters to please reach out anytime  

We also want to be clear that RainCoast Dog Rescue Society always takes back any of their dogs or cats if they are needing to be surrendered after adoption. The dog or cat is NOT allowed to be given away, prematurely euthanized, sold or surrendered to anyone, shelter or animal control. 

We love all our dogs and cats we rescue dearly and feel once we rescue them we have given them our word and oath to them that we always want to be there for them for their entire life.

Adoption fees –

$800 for any puppy under 6 months.

$600 for any dog 6 months to 7 years of age.

$300 for any dog 8 to 13 years of age.

14 years and up is no fee for adoption to a great retirement home. 

$550 for any kitten 6 months or younger  

$350 for any cat 6 months to 7 years of age  

$200 for any cat 8 years to 13 years of age  

14 years and up is no fee for adoption to a great retirement home. 

Thank you for wanting to help save a life and thinking adoption first!