To become a RainCoast volunteer you must first fill out an application we will send via email or you can fill it out the form via our website, once the application is filled out to your best ability and sent back via email it is reviewed. If you are approved RainCoast will start looking for tasks for you to do to help out the organization. These tasks can range from helping take the dogs for walks, driving a dog to the vet and back, helping babysit the dog for a night or two while the foster is away, spread the word about event fundraisers and our organization, collect donations from donators, dropping off food and or dog related accessories, and or just spreading the word about adopting dogs over buying from breeders. As well as to be a rescue advocate against animal abuse.

Raincoast will teach you all you need to know to become the best volunteer you can possibly be.

When you decide you want to become a loving foster parent to one of RainCoast’s beautiful rescue pups then RainCoast will start you with the foster process.

The first part of the process is RainCoast will send you an application by email or you can fill it out the form via our website. Once you have filled out the application please send it back to us via email. We will review it and let you know if you are approved. If you are approved, we then ask for pictures of your home or require a home check. Once everything is approved we can start to look for a good match for the family/and or person, or persons to the dogs style to make the foster experience work out right the first time.

If you just want to foster a dog and not adopt, then RainCoast supplies all the food, crate/kennel, toys, bowls, treats, leash, collar, etc for the dog your fostering. No deposit is needed. Just your application approved and your love, patience and care is all we ask for from you.

If you are wanting to potentially foster to adopt a Raincoast dog, we will send you an application by email or you can fill it out the form via our website. You fill out the application the best you can and send it back via personal email or website. Once your application is received and reviewed, we will call you to discuss your application. If approved, if we both feel the dog or dogs you are interested in would be a good fit for what you are looking for in a new forever dog, we will set up a home check and a meeting to come meet the dog or dogs that you are interested in. If you decide you feel a connection with that dog when you meet them, and want to possibly adopt him or her, we then start a process called a “foster to adopt”. This is a 14 day process where we supply everything you need like the leash, collar, food, bowls, toys and bed while you keep in daily contact with us with an update on how things are going and if you need any tips. We will be here with 24 hour support for you and the dog. After the 14 days are up, or within that time, you will let us know if you are wanting to adopt the dog or return the dog, as it may just not have been the right dog for you. If you do decide to adopt, we will finalize with an adoption contract and you get all the original copies of all their medical records we have. If you choose not to adopt that particular dog, then we can try again if you are interested in another dog we have up for adoption.

In order to start this foster to adopt process RainCoast requires a 400$ deposit to be made by cash or email transfer to make sure you are serious about adopting the dog and also are financially capable. This fee helps RainCoast pay the the bills for all our rescue dogs. Things like the spay or neuter, shots, de-worming, microchip, transport, food for the dogs, toys, bowls, leashes, collars, kennels, medical care, and any unforeseen costs. The adoption fee also sometimes helps us rescue another dog. Hence, you actually are helping two dogs lives, not just one, and there is no better feeling than saving a life, or two. We only hold the adoption deposit until you decide whether or not you want to adopt him or her within the 14 day foster to adopt period. It is fully refunded in no more than 24 hours if you decide not to adopt, unless you live out of town then it will be refunded when the dog is returned safely to us. We can keep trying this process until we find you your perfect new forever friend.

We are dedicated to helping you find your fur-ever rescue dog for your home.

*home check required*