• Adoptable Houdini

    Adoptable Houdini

    Meet Adoptable Houdini! Houdini is a 10-11 year old, 15lb, male, black with silver trim, small breed mix. Houdini is a really cool and outgoing senior dog that gets so excited to go for walks and sniff around outdoors, has a great personality, loves his people, and does great in the home. Houdini has done […]Read More »
  • Adoptable Tikka

    Adoptable Tikka

    ADOPTION PENDING.. Meet Adoptable Tikka! Tikka is – 2-3 year old, female, 55lb, Black and Tan, Rottweiler, mixed breed. Tikka is one of the sweetest and goofiest gals around and would love an active life of outdoor adventures and lots of snuggles. The only reason she hasn’t been around many dogs yet, besides another female […]Read More »
  • Adoptable Cooper

    Adoptable Cooper

    ADOPTION PENDING.. Meet Adoptable Cooper! Cooper is an exceptional 8.5 year old, male, tan with black and silver muzzle, 50lb Canaan-Saluki. We are helping our friend find a forever home home for Cooper, a dog she dedicated her time to helping find his new family so he wouldn’t be bounced around anymore and could retire […]Read More »
  • Adoptable Gypsi

    Adoptable Gypsi

    Meet Adoptable Gypsi! Gypsi is a 4 year old, male, 48lb, white and tan, tri-pawd, mixed breed. Gypsi is a super rad dog that has a happy-go-lucky personality and loves to smile. Gypsi is a three legged dog that has lost his leg years ago to trauma, but he is completely healthy and able to […]Read More »
  • Adoptable Rev

    Adoptable Rev

    ADOPTION PENDING.. Meet Adoptable Rev! Rev is a 3-4 year old, male, 55-65lb, tan and white, Husky X German Shepard. Rev is definitely a great dog that just needs a specific life with a special person or persons. Rev needs lots of exercise, a large fenced space to run around off leash and play, and […]Read More »
  • Adoptable Blue

    Adoptable Blue

    ADOPTION PENDING.. Meet Adoptable Blue! Blue is a 3-4 year old, male, 70-80lb, white and brindle, larger breed mix. Blue may be some sort of Rottie X St.Bernard X German Shepard X Husky or Malamute and….The common breeds we see in the eastern region of Canada where he is from. He’s a beautiful mutt. Blue […]Read More »
  • Adoptable Cleo

    Adoptable Cleo

    Meet Adoptable Cleo! Cleo is a 3-4 year old, female, 60lb, tri-colour, German Shepard, Malamute, Rottweiler, Lab. Cleo came to us a few months ago from Northern Saskatchewan with her 2 pups. She’s now all done with her momma duties, healed up, spayed and has been relaxing waiting for her forever home. Cleo is a […]Read More »