Adoptable Dodge

Meet Adoptable Dodge.

Dodge is a Cattle Dog X Staffy. 60lbs. 3-4 years old. Short and stocky. Spotted tri-colour. He is a very sweet boy that will follow you everywhere, is very smart, loves to cuddle, loves exercise of all kinds and food puzzles, training, playing with his toys, and craves your love and attention. Dodge can be dog and car reactive on leash sometimes, but not all the time, so somewhere a bit quieter out of the city or in the country would be nice for him. He listens well with a strong and patient leader. We know he can be ok with some other dogs, but he was just neutered and will be starting on more socialization with other dogs soon. Dodge started his life living outside on a chain for years until we could get him free.

Please feel free to apply for Dodge at

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  1. Mark Kynas

    Hello…is Dodge still available and if so is it possible to meet him?

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, thank you for your message. If you’re interested in in Dodge or any dog, we have the first step is to apply on our website at

      Once we have your application, we can reach out to you by phone to go over it and discuss the Dog and a potential meeting. Thank you very much.

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