• Remi
    Adopted! Yayy Remi! Happy Tail – “Remi (formally Chewie) came into our lives in the blink of an eye and changed every part of it for the better. We had always talked about how we hoped our future dog would be an “old man” and that is exactly what Remi has proven to be already. […]Read More »
  • Zipper
    Adopted! Yayy Zipper! Happy Tail – Clyde (now Zipper). We welcomed Zipper into our home in August and to say he has brought new energy into our lives is an understatement. This guy bounces, rolls, plays, and zooms with reckless abandon. He is an absolutely riot! His favourite activities are wrestling and running with other […]Read More »
  • Neville
    Adopted! Yaayy Neville! Happy Tail – Coming to us from @RainCoast Dog Rescue Society, “Nervous Neville” traveled all the way from Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, California to the wild west (and very wet) coast of Vancouver Island to complete our family. Although he’s still nervous of the sights, smells and sounds of Victoria, Neville is […]Read More »
  • Ripley
    Adopted! Yayyy Ripley! Happy Tail – We are so lucky to have Ripley (previously Bell) in our lives. From the second we saw her as she came to us as a foster, we knew she wasn’t going anywhere! She had our hearts from “hello”. She gets sillier by the day and absolutely loves to go […]Read More »
  • Scout
    Adopted! Yaayy Scout! Happy Tail – This is Scout. He’s the best little boy ever. He came into my life unexpectedly, as I only intended to foster him, (along with his mom and sister) for a short period of time until the kitties got adopted and the mom got sent back to her family. I […]Read More »
  • Hazel
    Adopted!! Yayyy Hazel! Happy Tail – Hazel, our sassy, energetic yet patient and smart sweetheart. Finding us at just 3 months old, she is now 7 months and growing so fast! Hazel loves to be a part of everything, hikes, swimming, making puppy friends, human friends, learning new skills, fetching her sticks, she is ready […]Read More »
  • Pinky
    Adopted! Yaayy Pinky! Happy Tail – After suddenly losing one out of our two extremely bonded chihuahuas, we had been going back and forward on the idea of adopting another small dog in order to help our remaining chihuahua cope as she was not handling the loss well at all. One day Jesse contacted us […]Read More »
  • Cocoa and Mac
    Adopted!! Yaayy Cocoa and Mac! Happy Tail – These are our amazing dogs Cocoa and Mac. Our lives were changed when our gentle Cocoa-bear came to us as a foster. Shortly after she arrived we learned that she was pregnant and a few weeks later she gave birth in our living room! We helped Cocoa […]Read More »
  • Bobo
    Adopted! Yaayy Bobo! Happy Tail – We feel so lucky and grateful that we were able to add our boy Bobo to the family! He has the calmest personality I have ever seen in a dog. He absolutely loves his toys and absolutely would never mistreat them. He is even willing to share with his […]Read More »
  • Winnie
    Adopted! Yayy Winnie! Happy Tail – Winnie has found her forever home with us for the last few months now and we couldn’t be happier! She loves her bed, the couch, OUR bed…pretty much anywhere she can snuggle up and SNORE! She is such a chill dog at home. She makes us laugh every day […]Read More »
  • Zuke
    Adopted! Yayyy Zuke! Our happy tail! 🐾 We adopted our sweet boy, Zuke aka Zucchini, during a really hard time in our lives. The sheer amount of joy and healing this little dude has brought us has been nothing short of amazing. He is the most happy-go-lucky goofball, and he loves to chat, dance, and […]Read More »
  • Finn
    Adopted! Yaay Finn! Happy Tail – Welcome Finn to our family! Each new day brings some new joys. I love that you love cuddling and will sleep in my arms. You’re so calm and sweet. And your little hop/jump into my arms when I pick you up. I didn’t know I would get to experience […]Read More »
  • Blueberry Fritz
    Adopted! Yaayy B-Fritz! (Blueberry Fritz) Happy Tail – Our little B-Fritz (Blueberry Fritter) has been the most welcomed addition to our lives. He’s a grade A snuggler, couch potato, and peanut butter enthusiast who loves lounging by the fire. His ears are almost comical and and add such personality to his side eyes and think […]Read More »
  • Tikka
    Adopted!! Yayy Tikka! Happy Tail – After losing our last rescue after 7 happy years we were not sure when it would feel right to bring another pup into our lives. Then we met Tikka. We started out as fosters and it didn’t take more than a week before we realized we couldn’t be without […]Read More »
  • Nova
    Adopted! Yayy Nova! Happy Tail – Omg this experience has been the most amazing process. We are so in love with our baby girl Nova! Nova and her sister “which is a cheeky French bulldog” are the best of friends and can’t get enough of each other. They’re best friends for sure! We can’t say […]Read More »
  • Talon
    Adopted! Yaayy Talon! Happy Tail – Talon is my first adopted dog. Ive worked with raincoast dog rescue for many years throughout my grooming career and have always wanted to adopt a dog from Jesse. Hes watched my dogs and I grow up over the last 8 years and is the kind of someone who […]Read More »
  • Skeena
    Adopted! Yayyy Skeena! Happy Tail – Meet Skeena (previously Ariana from Rain’s litter). She has been the best addition to our family and has brought us so much joy already. She truly makes each day brighter with her sweet little personality and full body wiggles. Since moving to Vernon, she has been settling into the […]Read More »
  • Puddles
    Adopted! Yayyy Puddles! Happy Tail – Puddles (formerly Cerise), came to us 4 months ago when we were still grieving the sudden loss of our beloved dog. She was just what we needed. She cracked our hearts wide open again, and filled the void in our home. She’s got a wonderful temperament, a big personality, […]Read More »
  • Daphne
    Adopted! Yaayy Daphne! Happy Tail – December 2021 was one of the hardest months of my life. I had to put my beloved Staffordshire down after 14.5 years together. He was my roadtrip companion, my adventure buddy, my protector of my heart and confidant. I had rescued him when he was barely one from a […]Read More »
  • Tiger
    Adopted! Yaaay Tiger! Happy Tail- Tiger is such a special boy. He was so open and ready for Love when he arrived, an amazing feet given his past trauma. And he’s continued growing into the incredible dog that we knew he could be. He loves playing with his toys, chasing lizards in the backyard, hiking […]Read More »