• Odessa (Odie)
    When they ask us why do you rescue? What do you get out of it? Well, one very clear answer is this right here..Seeing this and then feeling that feeling that you changed two lives, not just one. From a life with no chances, to a life with endless possibilities. Simply Amazing! Adopted! Yaaay Odie! […]Read More »
  • Spruce
    Adopted! Yaaay Spruce! Happy Tail- It has been almost 2 months since Spruce joined our family. From the moment we saw him we knew he’d be here to stay. He is a bright and spunky little character and a friend to everyone and anything he meets (except the insects he needs to chase). After saying […]Read More »
  • Rena
    Adopted! Yaayy Rena! (Formerly Serena) Happy Tail – We all found each other not long after our beloved dog Katie had passed away (also a beautiful girl we found through RainCoast). Our hearts were broken after losing Katie, and we knew that our home was incomplete without a K9 family member. We had already contacted […]Read More »
  • Ebah
    opted!! Yaayy Ebah! Happy Tail- Ebah has settled in tremendously considering the circumstances she came from in her previous life. She’s a funny girl with lots of personality, affection and love. She loves her new brother Hunter, he is teaching her to play and do normal dog activities. She is definitely the protector of the […]Read More »
  • Callie
    Adopted! Yaay Callie! (Formerly Sally) Happy Tail – We didn’t realize our family was incomplete until we saw Callie’s (formally Sally) photo on Raincoasts Facebook page. It was love at first sight and we knew she needed to be a member of our family. Callie is settling in perfectly, as if she’s always been here. […]Read More »
  • Mumba
    Adopted!! Yaaay Mumba! Happy Tail- Mumba is doing so well out here in Tofino. We take her with us everywhere and she is very comfy at home with us, and when we are not out with her she’s great alone too. Mumba is a gentle, sweet and happy dog and loves my daughter and her […]Read More »
  • Astra
    Adopted! Yaayy Astra! Happy Tail- After losing our two dear pups within 6 months of each other our home was so quiet and empty. We decided to offer our home to a much needed foster pup who was possibly pregnant and needing somewhere safe and quiet to have her puppies. Within a few days we […]Read More »
  • Sam and Rosie
    Adopted! Yay Sam and Rosey! Happy Tail – My fiance and I were originally going to wait until the end of the year to adopt, but I got the itch and started looking early. We always talked about having two dogs, and being able to adopt Sam and Rosey as a bonded pair worked out […]Read More »
  • Yuma
    Adopted! Yaay Yuma! Happy Tail- Yuma has been the perfect addition to our family. She is so patient and gentle with her 2 schnauzer brothers and in turn they help her learn and adjust to her new life. She is stunningly beautiful inside and out and her bravery and loyalty amazes us daily. We are […]Read More »
  • Kairi
    Adopted! Yaay Kairi! Happy Tail – We would like everyone to meet Kairi! Kairi joined our duo 2 months ago as a puppy. We fostered her to start and very quickly fell in love. We are happy to report that despite a few hiccups typical of puppies, this little spitfire has grown into a wonderful […]Read More »
  • Bodhi
    Adopted! Yaaay Bodhi! (Formerly Johnny Spots) Happy Tail- Bodhi, formerly know as “Johnny Spots” came into our lives about a month ago. Our family, including our Shih Tzu – cross Jagger (also a rescue) met him at the ball park during our first meeting and fell in love with him immediately. We weren’t sure what […]Read More »
  • Viggo
    Adopted! Yaaay Viggo! (Formerly Steeler) Happy Tail- Viggo (formerly Steeler) was a perfect gentleman during our first meet! Our girl, Haven, even seemed to tolerate him so we simply weren’t able to resist bringing him home that same day! Since then, he has been winning hearts with his piggy noises and his kisses. The little […]Read More »
  • Chloe
    Adopted!! Yaaay Chloe! Happy Tail- Chloe came to us a little while ago. It was her first time being away from her sister and our first time having a small dog so we weren’t sure how well it would go. We have absolutely fallen in love! She is so lovey and snuggly, just a little […]Read More »
  • Lola
    Adopted! Yaayy Lola! Happy Tail – Every single morning we are lucky enough to have our alarm clock be Lola. She is the reason we wake up every single morning, really really early. She is one of those special girls who is absolutely down to do anything whether it be hiking, running, swimming or even […]Read More »
  • Romeo
    Adopted!! Yayyy Romeo! Happy Tail- Almost three weeks ago Romeo came into my life. I was a bit nervous about adopting a rescue dog. I had had dogs in my life before, but always from breeders or friends. I had heard rescue dogs can have “issues”, but the idea of so many dogs out there […]Read More »
  • Sheldon
    Adopted!! Yayyy Sheldon! Happy Tail- We are so happy to welcome Sheldon to our family! He fit in perfectly since the moment we all met him. Him and his new sister are loving each other and happily sharing bones and toys. He’s a giant puppy with so much love to give and come such a […]Read More »
  • Bruno
    Adopted! Yaaay Bruno! Happy Tail- The minute my parents showed up to meet me, they knew I was the one for them! I’m everything they could have asked for and more. Sometimes they affectionately call me the monster, it’s a pretty cool nickname to be honest, but I’m not really sure why they came up […]Read More »
  • Aaron
    Adopted! Yaaay Aaron! Happy Tail- We first saw Aaron on Raincoast rescues facebook page, it was love at first sight!. He was still there a couple of weeks later when I inquired about adopting a small dog, I thought for sure he would be gone. He was very shy to begin with but has opened […]Read More »
  • Ellie May
    Adopted!! Yayyy Ellie May! ❤️??❤️ Happy Tail- Ellie May came to me as a foster in late May after being surrendered by her previous owner. After a few days of adjustment, she instantly fit in with my life and other animals. it didn’t take me long to realize there was Absolultely no way she could […]Read More »
  • Hershey
    Adopted!! Yaaay Hershey! Happy Tail- We met our Hershey through Raincoast rescue open house adoption day. We fell in love immediately! He’s been such a great pup and is learning so quickly! He is a goofball with a great calm attitude. Jesse came to our place one Friday night to do a “home inspection” little […]Read More »