Adopted! Yayy Zipper!

Happy Tail – Clyde (now Zipper). We welcomed Zipper into our home in August and to say he has brought new energy into our lives is an understatement. This guy bounces, rolls, plays, and zooms with reckless abandon. He is an absolutely riot! His favourite activities are wrestling and running with other dogs at the park, using the sofa as a trampoline, and playing tug or chase. The small critters outside are of particular interest to him so we’re working hard on recall and impulse control to get him out hiking and biking on the trails with us. In the meantime he’s enjoying adventures from the safety of a long lead; he has already explored some of the west coast’s beaches and rain forests, and even ventured to the Rocky Mountains. We can’t mention Zipper without bringing up his stunning eyes which always catch attention on walks. His good looks are matched with brains though, Zipper is SMART and so eager to work. Plus…. this little dude snuggles ♥️ Thank you Raincoast, his wonderful Foster family, Marley’s Mutts, and our friend Krystal for the intro.

– Lesley, Phil, and Zipper.

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