• Ukraine Mission 2
    Our second mission to Ukraine we were able to be there for 5 weeks and link up with the highly dedicated and courageous Breaking The Chains / Specialist Tactical Animal Relief Organization that focuses on war torn areas of Ukraine. They provide food, clothing, medical care and evacuation support to those in need affected by […]Read More »
  • Ukraine Mission 1
    In April of 2022, Jesse Adams, the founder of RainCoast Dog Rescue Society, left to the border of Ukraine and Romania to help work with a joint coalition of animal rescuers, vet techs and veterinarians from Romania, The United States, Canada, and around the world. We were all part of this coalition to offer free […]Read More »
  • Mission Possible
    In 2021 the allied forces left Afghanistan which led to panic and fear across the country. So many people and animals were stuck in the country trying to leave in hopes of a better life. So many lives survival they depends on being able to leave the country. The SPCA International, Kabul Small Animal Rescue, […]Read More »
  • Pet Rescue Pilots
    Since 2021 we have been proudly working with the amazing team at Pet Rescue Pilots. Julian and his team have been fantastic to work with and are very professional, compassionate, courteous and caring. Pet Rescue Pilots help save the lives of dogs and cats from high euthanasia shelters in the USA and transport them to […]Read More »
  • Marley’s Mutts
    Since 2021 we at RainCoast Dog Rescue have proudly been working with Marley’s Mutts Rescue that is located in Southern California, USA. They rescue and advocate for the adoption of dogs and cats from the mass overpopulation of animals in shelters, and the prevention of the large euthanasia rates of shelter dogs and cats in […]Read More »
  • Northern Saskatchewan Rescue
    Since April 2020 RainCoast Dog Rescue Society has been working with North Of 54 Frontline Rescue helping work with local Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba First Nations Communities with the overpopulation of dogs in the community, as well as helping local members with veterinary services. Services such as spaying and neutering, vaccines, emergency care, and dog […]Read More »
  • SPCA International : Operation Baghdad Pups / Africa 2019
    This was another great partnership mission between the SPCA International and RainCoast Dog Rescue Society. This particular mission included the US Military, Deacon Wildlife Reserve, and the D.O.D. This mission entailed that our founder, Jesse Adams, flies to Djibouti, Africa by himself to meet Dr.Lafrance, founder of the Deacon Wildlife reserve in Africa to help […]Read More »
  • Pacheedaht First Nations Spay and Neuter Clinic 2019
    This is a great partnership that we are so proud of that we have created with the Port Renfrew, BC, Pacheedaht First Nations band. We have now worked hand and hand for two years with the people in the community with helping supply dog and cat food, treats, other supplies, education and medical care to […]Read More »
  • 2018 BC Wildfire Animal Relief Mission
    In the summer / fall of 2018 British Columbia experienced one of the worst wildfire seasons in it’s history that was enacted as a state of emergency by the Province of BC in the Burns Lake and Francois Lake areas of Northern BC. The majority of these devastating fires were all centred right in these […]Read More »
  • Taiwan Rescue and Awareness Mission 2018
    In October / November 2018 we traveled to the country of Taiwan to meet up with a rescue friend of ours named Sandy that lives there. We traveled around Taiwan and rescued, fed, and provided medical care for dogs in need. We also visited many public and private shelters to gain perspective on how things […]Read More »
  • Lebanon & Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) Rescue Mission
    In 2018, we traveled to Lebanon to work with the largest animal welfare group in the country, the Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or BETA. We went and saw and worked at their non-kill shelter which on average holds over 800 rescued dogs all needing forever homes, and with the very dedicated BETA […]Read More »
  • Journey Middle School : PET Project
    In early 2018 we were invited to Journey Middle School in Sooke, B.C. where we got to discuss with the students all about dog education and our passion for rescuing. This was and honour and something we love to do very much here at RainCoast Dog Rescue Society. We love to talk to the future […]Read More »
  • Operation Baghdad Pups : SPCA International
    This is a picture of our founder, Jesse Adams, in February of 2015, in the Middle East working with the SPCA International with their fantastic program called “Operation Baghdad Pups”. This program helps bring military dogs and dogs friended by US military members to come back home. This is to ensure no dog is left […]Read More »
  • 2017 Montreal End BSL Advocacy and Rescue Mission
    Here we show our second trip to Montreal to help dogs affected by their Breed Specific Legislation law. This targets a dog simply by how they look, not by how they behave. Regardless, it’s up to all owners to be responsible for their dogs and actions. The fault lays at the other end of the […]Read More »
  • 2016 Montreal End BSL Advocacy and Rescue Mission
    Here is a picture of our leader and founder, Jesse Adams, with the four dogs he rescued that were being subject to Breed Specific Legislation in Montreal in 2016. He rescued them from a very questionable, high rate euthanasia shelter in Montreal called Le Berger Blanc. Education over Discrimination. #endbslRead More »
  • 2016  Montreal END BSL Advocacy and Rescue Mission.
    On October 3rd, 2016 and in 2017, RainCoast Dog Rescue was officially at ground zero in Montreal, Quebec to work with the wonderful Montreal SPCA and to stand behind all American Pit Bull Terriers, and any dog considered a “Pit Bull” and their owners to fight against fear, hate, ignorance and profiling. To stand up […]Read More »
  • The RainCoast – PET PROJECT
    This is a great local project that us at RainCoast Dog Rescue Society launched in 2015. Within this project we spay and neuter, vaccinate, get medical care, and supply all sorts of dog goods to help improve the quality of life for dogs and their families in need here on Vancouver Island. We also go […]Read More »
  • Central Acopio Animal Shelter / transformation with all of our help
    This is the Central Acopio Animal Shelter In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, after we had stepped up with a few other rescue organizations and volunteers to make it our mandate to change the shelter around to become one of, if not the best, government run shelter in PV, Mexico. As seen in the pictures and descriptions […]Read More »
  • Central Acopio Animal Shelter / Prior to our help.
    This is the Acopio Animal Shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is what the Acopio shelter used to look like before all of us rescue groups and volunteers stepped in to raise money and awareness to transform this shelter into one of the best government owned shelters in Mexico. Most of the dogs were chained […]Read More »
  • Central Acopio Animal Shelter
    This is the Central Acopio Animal shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is where RainCoast Dog Rescue Society first started with our International Rescue Work programs. We are seen here with all sorts of amazing rescue groups, rescuers and volunteers that have made this program such a success at the Central Acopio Animal shelter over […]Read More »