Cocoa and Mac

Adopted!! Yaayy Cocoa and Mac!

Happy Tail – These are our amazing dogs Cocoa and Mac. Our lives were changed when our gentle Cocoa-bear came to us as a foster. Shortly after she arrived we learned that she was pregnant and a few weeks later she gave birth in our living room! We helped Cocoa raise her puppies and that time was filled with many cuddles, cuteness, poop, and did I mention poop?! Ha! Mac is one of Cocoa’s beautiful babies and he brings so much adorable, carefree energy into our family. Mac and Cocoa have such a special bond. He is teaching her how to be playful and love life again. She in turn is helping him learn good boundaries and gives him confidence to meet other dogs (that’s where she is most in her element). Cocoa and Mac have our hearts forever and we are so happy to welcome them into our family ♥️ A big thank you to Jesse and Jodie for going on this crazy journey with us 💛

“We at RainCoast want to give our utmost gratitude and heartfelt thanks to this amazing couple, now our friends, for taking on this incredible journey so unexpectedly and doing an amazing job with such a large litter. The work and care they put in was next level. Thank you so much!”

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