Adopted! Yaay Finn!

Happy Tail – Welcome Finn to our family! Each new day brings some new joys. I love that you love cuddling and will sleep in my arms. You’re so calm and sweet. And your little hop/jump into my arms when I pick you up. I didn’t know I would get to experience that again. You are scared going outside yet but sure love short walks once we get going and especially love seeing dogs to greet. You are a delightful companion. As this new chapter in life has just begun, we are looking forward to the rest of the story in the years to come.

Huge thank you to Finns foster family, who love him and taught him what a food dish is! Finn was their 187th foster dog and they are truly special people!

Thank you to Raincoast rescue! Forever grateful to you for saving Finns life, with partnerships with Marleys Mutts, Pet Rescue Pilots and SPCA International. Thank you for selecting us as a match for Finns needs and giving him his forever home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ours hearts are full. ♥️🐾

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