Adopted! Yaayy Bobo!

Happy Tail – We feel so lucky and grateful that we were able to add our boy Bobo to the family! He has the calmest personality I have ever seen in a dog. He absolutely loves his toys and absolutely would never mistreat them. He is even willing to share with his brother Milo (7 year old cat).

He spends most of his time sleeping on pillows on the couch. The softer the better for him. But has random bouts of energy where he just wants as much play and affection as he can get. Myself and the wife both work and he has adjusted to that without any issue. His favourite part of any day is going to pick up his mom from work. We also know he loves getting the free treats sometimes on the way home at the drive thru.

Thank you Raincoast and Marley’s Mutts for allowing us to have Bobo in our lives. ♥️

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