Adopted! Yayyy Zuke!

Our happy tail! 🐾

We adopted our sweet boy, Zuke aka Zucchini, during a really hard time in our lives. The sheer amount of joy and healing this little dude has brought us has been nothing short of amazing.

He is the most happy-go-lucky goofball, and he loves to chat, dance, and sing along with his mama. Luckily, he’s just as smart as he is clumsy! I’ve never met a less coordinated dog, but it doesn’t stop Zuke from going full bore and having an absolute blast. He’s such a quick learner and loves all dogs, so he’s been an awesome foster brother/ nanny to all the pups I’ve brought home. We honestly couldn’t be any prouder of him. Zuke brings nonstop laughter and entertainment to our lives. He puts up with us smothering him with cuddles and kisses 24/7, and for that we’ll forever be grateful.

Thank you so much to Jesse, Zuke’s foster family, Linda and Don, and RainCoast for making our little family feel complete again! 🤍

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