Adopted!! Yayyy Hazel!

Happy Tail – Hazel, our sassy, energetic yet patient and smart sweetheart. Finding us at just 3 months old, she is now 7 months and growing so fast! Hazel loves to be a part of everything, hikes, swimming, making puppy friends, human friends, learning new skills, fetching her sticks, she is ready for the world at any minute. Even if she has to wait a bit she trusts that she will have her needs met by the end of the day. She is estatic about her adventure hikes with her pack of pups two days a week, and is amazing at playing “find it”. We are so greatful to share our life with her. A big thank you to Raincoast Rescue for giving us the opportunity to have Hazel in our lives. And for the amazing things they do for all of these pups ❤ and a thanks to Season, her foster parent for taking such good care of Hazel until we found her. Having her come to us potty trained, crate trained, socialized and confident was a huge bonus 😊

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