Adopted! Yayy Remi!

Happy Tail – “Remi (formally Chewie) came into our lives in the blink of an eye and changed every part of it for the better. We had always talked about how we hoped our future dog would be an “old man” and that is exactly what Remi has proven to be already. Tall and lanky, playful and smart, but the last one out of bed every morning. He may actually be part cat, as he makes meowing sounds in place of barking. He loves every dog, cat, human and dandelion he meets and already has a long list of close pals. Exploring the forest trails and beaches are by far his favourite pass time – always close by but wanting to lead the way. We are so grateful for this new addition to our adventure crew and family.

A big thank you to Jesse and all the Raincoast crew for bringing Remi into our lives, for their incredible support and unwavering advocacy and care for all animals ❤”

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