Adoptable Jack

Meet Adoptable Jack!

Jack is a 9 month old,male, 40-45lb, Bluenose, American Pit Bull Terrier. Born Sept 11 2023.

Jack is a really sweet boy that had received some obedience training before we took him on. He is a very attentive dog that knows how to heel, sit, lay down, and is fully crate trained. Jack can be a rambunctious pup with lots of energy who will keep you on your toes. He loves his toys and playing ball, going for walks, hikes, and all sorts of adventures. Jack did start off life living with another dog in the home, but at times he has been a bit possessive of his toys and food towards other dogs, which we are working on with him. Jack would do great with a very active person that has lots of time for him, and the ability to keep his training and socialization going, while giving him lots of stimulation and desensitization. He has not been exposed to cats at this time and would do begs with kids over 7. He is currently being fostered in Victoria, BC.

Please apply at if you’re seriously interested in adopting, Jack.


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  1. Diana

    Would like to adopt him

  2. Clayton Andrist

    I am intrest in Jack…I already have an open application in…and have adopted from Rain Coast in the past…I have a 8 yr old mix Staffy who is accustomed to having things his own way….but I think he could do good with a friend…I am retired and have all the time in the world to work with him….

  3. Nolan Grundvig

    How do you think he would be around a cat

    1. Jesse Adams

      hey, unfortunately he would not do well with cats.

    2. Francis Nolan Grundvig

      Please let us know as soon as you can find a compatible

  4. Danielle Glassford

    Hey there! Could you please provide me with a phone number or email to contact you by? I’m in Southwestern Ontario and my buddy has a pit bull named Peach and her boy from her first littler who is a Pit/American Bully who need to be rehomed asap.

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, Unfortunately, we haven’t shut down for Surrender for almost a year because our waitlist was over 500 dogs and we still get 5 to 10 calls a day to take on people surrendering their dogs. There is an owner Surrender epidemic across Canada north America and it caused every rescue shelter to be shut down and massively overwhelmed by this. This is part of the actual dogs that we are supposed to rescue. It is in regards to people surrendering their dogs, which has caused the epidemic. I’m very sorry that we weren’t able to help with this. I hope you find someone that can. Thank you very much

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