Adopted! Yaay Yuma!

Happy Tail- Yuma has been the perfect addition to our family. She is so patient and gentle with her 2 schnauzer brothers and in turn they help her learn and adjust to her new life. She is stunningly beautiful inside and out and her bravery and loyalty amazes us daily. We are so grateful to have this pretty girl in our life.

RainCoast – Yuma is one of the most beautiful and gentle souls we have ever known here at RainCoast. We fell so in love with her. She started off her life in Lebanon and was at some point shot with a shotgun in the face by some horrible person, and her gun shot wounds ended up leaving her blind. She was then brought to the BETA shelter were she lived many years without being adopted. No one wanted to adopt her, so we knew we had to give her that chance at a real life. A life she so deserved. We are so happy she gets to live a full and loving life here now with this amazing family. We love you Yumeeeeee!

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