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Adopted!! Yaaay Mumba!

Happy Tail- Mumba is doing so well out here in Tofino. We take her with us everywhere and she is very comfy at home with us, and when we are not out with her she’s great alone too. Mumba is a gentle, sweet and happy dog and loves my daughter and her friends that come over to play. She’s also super obedient and able to go off-leash at the beaches in Tofino and on trails, she really enjoys it. She does have a little monkey business in her in that she loves to run away and then come right back. But she always listens and comes back. We switched her to a raw food diet and she loves it and has responded so well. We are so grateful she is in our lives. Our Tofino hippy doggy wild child. Thank you RainCoast Dog Rescue and BETA!