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A few weeks ago @the_dog_guy100 and @jaysonbiggins and @the_littlenginethatcould as a part of @raincoastdogrescue flew from Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada, to Bella Bella, BC to see our friends and partners at @bellabellarain in Heiltsuk First Nation to help take on 3 dogs in need. One of the dogs was Ariel, a female dog with really bad skin infections, the other two were Thunder and Mexsus, two very senior German Shepards, that all needed emergency medical care. The community of Bella Bella is a very beautiful and remote BC community off the northeast tip of Vancouver Island and is only accessibly by plane or boat, there is no way to access this region by road. Is a small community that has no access to veterinary care or any major medical clinic, along with many other things. One must leave the community to receive a variety of services. We have happily and successfully worked closely with the community for years and are very proud of our partnership and friendship.

We flew 9 hours round trip, had to refuel two times, and did it all in a little @cessna airplane. This was an incredible rescue mission to be a part of and we were very happy to be able to help take these super sweet and loving dogs in urgent medical need. As soon as we landed we got the dogs to the truck and drive right to the emergency hospital at @wavesvethospital

See what happens next in part two of this rescue mission that is coming soon! Stay tuned!

A HUGE thank you to @jaysonbiggins and @the_littlenginethatcould for reaching out to us to partner up as a bad ass team to help animals, people, and remote communities in need around British Columbia, Canada. (Turtle Island)

Thank you everyone for all your love and support for helping us help animals in need as one ♥️🐾

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