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When you go to Ukraine for a second time to help animals and your fellow Ukrainian people affected by the war, and you get to work with the dedicated organization @breakingthechainsint and end up rescuing nine Lions. Which was rumored to be one of the largest big cat rescues done in a conflict zone.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone, especially for an animal rescuer like myself. Which falls under very heartbreaking circumstances, considering Ukraine is brutally suffering from an invasion and genocide by the Russian federation. The reason we had to rescue these Lions from this region is because it was very dangerous for them to be there with the war going on.

Even while we stayed there in that region for this rescue mission, we had to turn off all the lights in the hotel after a certain time. This is so you try to avoid becoming a stronger target for the Russians to target the structure with a missile or drone attack.

We took the nine lions back through Ukraine to Moldova, then to our destination at a safe location in Romania. With the very final destination of being with Warriors of Wildlife. A big cat wildlife rescue and sanctuary that rescues big cats from around the world, and then provides them freedom and safety at their massive sanctuary in South Africa.

It was an absolute honor to work with all the @breakingthechainsint team, Specialist Animal Tactical Relief (S.T.A.R.), Gemma from @worldwidevets, Lionel from @warriors_of_wildlife and all the amazing volunteers. As a team we were able to help these absolutely beautiful and amazing animals.

Please check out @breakingthechainsint – Specialist Animal Tactical Relief, to offer support for their very passionate and dedicated work in Ukraine to help Ukrainian animals, Ukrainian people, and Ukrainian veterans of war. I also kindly ask you from the bottom of my heart, to please stand with the Ukrainian people and support Ukraine. #djakuju #thankyou

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