Lola has arrived!

Lola has arrived! This beautiful soul comes from the same horrific breeding operation as Polo and Bella that we took on a couple weeks ago. Lola has kept such a sweet and loving disposition even after the hell she has been through in her life before being rescued. We are giving Lola some time to start to get used to her new surroundings and environment here on Vancouver Island while she awaits her spay, which will be in a few weeks or so, and we will keep everyone updated on her progress. We are happy to have with us here at RainCoast. A huge thank you to RAF and everyone who has sent their gracious love and support for these three amazing Golden Retrievers.

Please do your thorough research and be very aware when buying from any breeder on how and where they raise, care for, and breed their dogs. It’s all too often people look the other way because they just want the dog here and now, but that is sadly only feeding into and supporting the horrific and abusive system that is the majority of breeding operations nowadays.

We say this because this is what we see and deal with on a weekly basis for over 15 years now! The amount of mistreatment and pain and suffering we see these poor dogs go through is atrocious and we have had enough! We have the knowledge and experience to be able to say this boldly as fact. Although some will say otherwise, they aren’t the ones that deal with this each and everyday. The same goes for some so called “animal rescues” too. We have a broken animal welfare and justice system in regards to animal abuse, breeding and rescue regulations, and the government ignores it everyday.

We all need to come together to create a more humane and ethical system for the better treatment of dogs and all animals. It’s up to us!

Please be a voice for the voiceless and reach out to your Mayors and city councils, MLA’s, Agricultural Minister, and Premier to help instill strict regulations and shut down unethical breeders and rescues.

Together we can make a difference! ♥️🐾

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