Ariel Rescued from Northern BC!

It was six months ago that @the_littlenginethatcould @jaysonbiggins and I @the_dog_guy_ from @raincoastdogrescue flew into a remote northern BC island community that we are friends with and help work with to offer support, to take out this sweet and amazing girl. She was riddled with severe skin infections, emaciation, super long nails (that someone had painted) and constant discomfort due to her horrific condition. We knew we had to get her out of there ASAP and back to Victoria to land the plane, and get her rushed to our dear friends at @wavesvethospital so they could work their magic to try and help her survive! To save her life, with us doing all we can to support that mission. We were right with her every step of the way. After 6 months of intense rehab, we officially have a happy and healthy doggo! Yasss!

Everyone, meet Ariel! She is the coolest and sweetest dog, that was adopted by her very loving and devoted foster family. Now she is living her best and healthy life!

Another solid rescue and rehabilitation by everyone at @raincoastdogrescue @bellabellarain and @wavesvethospital and her amazing adopted family!


Thank you for all your love and support! 💜🐾

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