Central Acopio Animal Shelter / transformation with all of our help


This is the Central Acopio Animal Shelter In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, after we had stepped up with a few other rescue organizations and volunteers to make it our mandate to change the shelter around to become one of, if not the best, government run shelter in PV, Mexico.


As seen in the pictures and descriptions above this post, you can see and read what the conditions used to be like here at the Acopio shelter, before we all stepped up to help, and help we did. We had managed to hire some new staff to help train, clean, walk and feed the dogs daily on a regularly set schedule. 

We were able to help educate the staff on how to deal with specific dogs behaviours, and how to properly care for each dog and that dogs needs, a lot being medical needs. The biggest and most critical contribution that we all made was to have actual kennels be built to give the dogs a proper place to live and thrive in. 


To be safe and out of the direct weather, and have some free space to move around in while not being chained up. This was one of the most gratifying feelings to feel and experience for us and the dogs. It has made such a world of difference in their quality of life. 

We are all very proud of this contribution that was able to happen because of the love and support of donators and animal advocates for this project.