Adoptable Bambi

Meet Adoptable Bambi!

Bambi is a 3-4 year old, female, 50lb, tri colour, Northern Canadian, mixed breed. She came to us almost 6 months ago, all the way from the closest community to the North Pole, in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. At the time she had puppies with her, but they have all been adopted out. Now it is Momma Bambi’s turn. She is currently located in Pitt Meadows in her wonderful foster home that has taken such incredible care of her and her pups.

Bambi is a very sweet and kind girl, likes to be with you, follow you around, cuddle, go for walks and all sorts of adventures. Bambi loves to be outside exploring and getting lots of exercise, playing with other dogs, but can be a lazy girl inside too. She can be a bit of an escape artist from the house or yard, so she needs to be on a secure leash and harness when on walks, and have a very secured yard area if unattended in the yard. She would do best in a home that is very secure and responsible, to make sure she does not take off for her own adventure. Bambi has lived with two French Bulldogs in the foster home, to which she likes to play with, and has enjoyed the company of other dogs as well. She can be a bit picky around dogs that aren’t confident, certain female dogs, or dogs that are not spayed or neutered. She’s not aggressive at all, just particular and will let you or the dog know with a little growl or by removing herself from the situation if she’s feeling uncomfortable. Bambi would do best with an outdoorsy and active person that can give her lots of exercise and stimulation each day. She would be great for an avid runner, hiker, walker, and adventurer. Bambi is good being left alone, with people and respectful kids, but not sure if she would want young kids around her all the time. It would depend. She’s just a young and fun girl that wants to enjoy all the things that her new life has to offer, but still needs continued training and structure. Bambi is now ready for her forever home!

If you’re seriously interested in fostering to adopt Bambi, please apply at

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  1. Sue Rowland

    Hello, is Bambi still up for adoption? I put in an application a few weeks back. Please contact me to discuss, if she is available.

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hello, thank you for your message. She is still up for adoption. We can add her application to her file.

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