Adoptable Shaq

Adoptable Shaq is still looking for his forever home!

This handsome man is a 2.5 year old, male, 50lb, mixed breed. Shaq is loving his new life here in Western BC, and is looking for an active forever home that can help him become a great well rounded dog while exploring and adventuring along the way. Shaq is a very sweet and sensitive boy, that loves to snuggle up with you in bed or on the couch, loves to be outside exploring and playing, and  has lots of new dog friends. Shaq can also be reactive to other dogs, dogs on leash, usually larger ones, and can be sensitive of new humans too. When Shaq meets people and new dogs the right way, he does well, if he does not, he gets overstimulated quickly and needs to be redirected and can try again another time  Shaq has been great in the home left alone outside of a crate, and has not been destructive at all in the home, except a few toys, he loves his toys! Shaq would actually do best in a home in the country with a large fenced yard; or fenced property, with another dog or two that has a healthy temperament and playful attitude. That is where he is being fostered now, and he lives with 3 other dogs of all sizes. Shaq would not do well with young children, but would be ok with 10 year olds and up.

If you are interested in fostering or fostering to adopt Shaq please apply at raincoastdogrescue.com

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  1. Avery

    Is this dog still available?

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hey, thanks for your message. Alright, Which dog are we speaking of?

      Thank you

  2. Mark Sorensen

    I really think Shaq could be a perfect fit to our family. We would love to discuss further with you to se if he will be a fit.

    1. Jesse Adams

      Hey, thanks for your message. Could you shoot us an email at raincoastinfo@gmail.con with this request and we can have a phone call.

      Thank you.

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